‘Autologous fat grafting: Harvest Jet forms Perfect volume of Breasts along with the procedure of Body Contouring’

A great shape of the body is a main concern for many women, so they are interested in voluminous breasts for boosting up their confidence. However, Asian women have a well-developed lower body, but compared with that their upper body, the upper body which has the breast, is poor.




They really aspire to have breast surgery for better perky shape, but as a matter of fact, they are afraid having the surgery, because of scar, pain and resistance of an artificial implant.
Therefore, many people are interested in an ‘Autologous fat grafting: Harvest Jet’ because it is a proven method that has safety and complete success rate. This procedure is not only for unnecessary fat removal from the thigh or abdominal, but also has the way to form voluminous breast with perfectly optimum fat grafting at the same time.

It is totally safe and natural because of the use of patients’ own fat, but the most important thing of this procedure is the rational engraftment rate after fat grafting.


That is why MINE Clinic uses the way of Harvest-Jet to increase the engraftment rate of the fat after injection and uses a pure fat only by twice filtering out ofobstructive tissue.
The process is that we beat into tumescent liquid for liposuction on patient’ thigh, abdominal or hips and filter out a pure fat. The divided fat is injected on the breast; symmetrical shape and size are created beautifully by the doctors’ own skill.


Sedation is needed and the incision site is really small, so people can do their daily life just right after the surgery. There could be a little bit of swelling and pain, but they are usually gone in a couple of days.
Dr. Lee Sungwook from MINE Plastic Surgery said “This Harvest Jet fat grafting has many advantages such as possible input of the fat as much as the patient wants maintaining the optimal circumstances of course and it does not affect the mammary gland, so breast feeding after surgery is totally feasible.”






He also advised “You should find a reliable medical team for this kind of surgery, because using autologous fat for breast surgery is a very important one in case of engraftment rate and you need to choose a surgeon who is capable of preparing you, analyzing you and handle unexpected side effects.”