Revision Facial Contouring Surgery In Korea

Many people do not like the facial structure of themselves and as a result some of them go for facial contouring surgery. But as facial contouring is a very complex procedure it may not be completely successful if it is done by non experienced doctors.

Due to that patients may not achieve their desired results, there might be asymmetry, saggy skin, under corrected results, implants that might look unnatural, different functional problems such as problem when chewing food or grinding teeth while chewing. These may cause patients to think about revision face contouring surgery.

It is a matter of fact that a patient must wait at least for 6 months or so before coming for a facial countering revision surgery.

Steps for facial contouring revision surgery:

  1. Face to face consultation: A face to face consultation with a board certified and experienced plastic surgeon is the first step taken for face contouring revision surgery
  2. Face analysis: Doctor might analyze your face for identification of problems with the first surgery and probably get a 3D CT SCAN for proper understanding of facial bone condition.
  3. Action Plan: After face to face consultation doctor will re analyze your photos, scans and other medical history and make an action plan to do the surgery
  4. Surgery: The doctor might operate on the same day or a day after the face to face consultation depending on his schedule.

Post surgery recovery:

Recovery after surgery might take around 10-14 days depending on the complexity of the revision surgery. After surgery you will be given some pain medication to manage the pain. Most people might need pain medication for only 4-5 days after surgery.

Outcomes of the surgery:

The outcomes of the surgery with a board certified surgeon is 99% time positive if you keep realistic expectations. The doctor might tell you during the face to face consultation about the degree of change that is possible after your unsatisfactory initial surgery. With proper post surgery care and follow up patients might be able to achieve the desired results after revision surgery.

Before and After Surgery

Before and after surgery