Cheekbone Reduction Surgery – MINE Plastic Surgery Clinic

No one is born to look same yet even in those differences, everyone is pretty in their own way. But there are people who find themselves to be different and not acceptable by the society because they just do not fall under the category of beautiful. Some have crooked nose while other complain of high cheekbones, either way they think some of their facial features just do not go well along with their look and so search for ways to alter them.

The need and desire to appear beautiful and change the way you look has led to the increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery, a procedure which has not only helped many in changing their lives for the better but also made pretty face uglier. It all depends on your body’s requirement and the skills of the surgeon that can make your surgery a success.

  • Cheekbone reduction surgery

Those who think their face is too chubby or cheeks are saggy, sometime simple methods like dieting and exercising may not help them in contouring their face. If the loose skin on the face looks weird and needs tightening than cheekbone reduction surgery is what can help you. The Mine Clinic expertise in conduction successful surgeries where the cheek plastic surgery before and after results can easily be distinguished. The cosmetic surgeons there are extremely skilled and hold experience of many years which make them highly compatible and reliable sources. So if you want to alter the way you look, reach out to the surgeons at The Mine Clinic and enjoy fantastic results.

  • The procedure

Remember before undergoing any cosmetic procedure, the surgeon will run multiple tests to ensure you are a viable candidate for it with no medical issues. Once declared right, the treatment plan will be designed out and so will the doctor proceed. The patient is sedated and once unconscious; incisions are made around the cheekbone. Layers of tissues and muscles are removed to get access to the bone underneath and once there, the doctor removes extra cartilage or skin as per the patient’s requirement. When the cosmetic surgeon is done with one cheek, the incision is closed up and the same process is repeated for the other side.

After the surgery has been successfully completed, the patient is shifted for recovery which can take up to a few weeks. After the procedure, you may experience scarring, swelling and pain in that area but all will subside as the times passes by. In case of bleeding or other severe symptoms, it is always advisable to visit your doctor for a checkup, but if the surgery has been conducted by the experts at The Mine Clinic, you’ll be least worried about the healing process as the results will always be guaranteed and as expected by you.

  • Conclusion

Cheekbone reduction surgery has become quite common now a days because in a race to look beautiful, everyone is trying to desperately to win even if it means to go for multiple surgeries.