Water Drop Endoscopic Breast Surgery in Korea

Factors to know about Breast Implant


If you are looking for a breast surgery procedure that isn’t invasive and actually makes your breasts look fully yet completely natural, then the water drop endoscopic breast surgery in Korea is the one for you.


This particular surgery allows you to achieve that natural looking set of breast you’ve always wanted, without having to go through the trauma of regular breast surgery.

It’s relative quick, easy, and it is done so your breast have this natural form and shape to it, completely different from the regular breast implants.


What is Water Drop Endoscopic Breast Surgery.

This procedure is a breast surgery in which the breast implant has the form of a water drop, that mimics the already natural form of the breast, being fuller on the bottom than on top.

Unlike the round breast implants, this surgery isn’t invasie and doesn’t require big cuts. Actually, the whole procedure is done by a tiny incision made near the breast, leaving zero to none scars afterwards.

The idea is that the water drop breast implant goes in as smoothly as possible, properly adjusting to your natural breast, and sits there without having to tear up the skin around the chest.

Thanks to this amazing procedure, not only can you achieve a way more fuller and natural looking breast, in which the implant follows the curve of your breast, but you can do it without having to deal with major scars problem later on.


Why you should definitely try the water drop endoscopic breast surgery.

  1. It achieves a more natural look: Rounded breast implants make the whole chest look fuller and bigger, while the water drop breast implants follow along the natural shape of the breast, being smooth on the top and fuller on the bottom with perky nipples.
  2. It is less invasive: Since the surgery is done by an incision near the chest area (in the axilla, in the areola, or under the breast) there are almost no ripping of the skin or muscle at all.
  3. It is less damaging: Breast surgeries that include rounded breast implants often cause damage on the muscles on your chest, with the water drop endoscopic breast surgery, there is no risk of this happening.