What To Consider Before Breast Fat Graft


For any women their breasts are very important to them.  If breasts are too small than it can affect their clothing and self confidence. That is why some women tend to go for Breast augmentation. But they might not want implant. In that case they can go for breast fat graft.


Who are perfect candidates?

  • Who doesn’t want implants and want natural looking breast.
  • Wants to go up only half or one cup size
  • Who doesn’t want scars
  • Asymmetry breasts due to breastfeeding


Why consider breast fat graft:

Breast fat graft is done with your own body fat. It has less chances of rejection. Besides it is done with injection and there will be no visible scar on your breasts. It is much safer than implants as it doesn’t have any chances of rupturing inside the body. It looks much more natural than breast implant.


Technique used:

In breast fat graft doctor will take fat from your abdomen/ thigh/ butt via liposuction and purify the fat using a machine. After purification doctor will transfer it to your breasts Using injection. If the patient is underweight the doctor might tell her to gain some weight to get adequate amount of fat to transfer to your breasts.


Surgery Outcome:

Breast fat graft result can be seen immediately after surgery. But it is a matter of fact that after 6 months or so only 70-80% fat remains in your breasts. That is why the doctors recommend having a touchup fat graft to make sure the fat remains for lifetime. Some people may need it and some may not need it. Depending on condition doctors suggest if second fat graft is necessary.  With proper diet and maintenance breast fat graft remains perfectly unless the patient goes through any major weight loss after fat graft.


Is it painful?

Many people might avoid surgery due to fear of pain but the procedure is actually not very painful. Doctor might give you mild pain medication


Before and After