Scar Removal & Revision Surgery Korea

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Scar Removal Surgery Korea

Scars are made during reproduction process, when skin is damaged. Once injured, cicatrix (scar) will remain anyway and in any form. This scar removal surgery minimizes such scar through proper surgical method, or reduces large scar to small one to make not noticeable.



Scar Removal Surgery Types

01. Liner scar

It is a scar that knife cut or torn injury makes minimum scar as line shape.

02. Widening scar

Widening scar is that scar made due to injury or surgery, is getting wider by effect of skin tension (pulling force).

03. Hypertrophic scar

This is car soaring up in red because body creates too much tissue on damaged area to bear tension. Generally, itchiness or pain can be accompanied.

04. Atrophic scar

It refers to scar sunken due to tissue damage by injury or inflammation, and remains sunken as corium hardly reproduced when the damage occurs.

05. Keloid

For appearance sake, redly soaring shape is similar to hypertrophic scar, but scar does not get smaller even after 6~18 months, goes beyond damage range, intrude normal skin. It is called Keloid, and accompany ichness and stinging symptom.

06. Plane scar

This scar is formed when damage occurs in large extent due to burn or injury. Generally, when damage occurred to skin adnexa, it is glossier than normal skin, or shows wide scope of hypertrophic scar.



Scar Removal Surgery Methods

Elliptical excision

As most widely used method among scar removal surgery, it seals up inside and skin layer precisely after resection in skein shape of part or all of scar, and is less visible by changing wide area of scar into line shape.



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Z-plasty is named because the shape of sutural looks like English alphabet “Z.” In this surgical method, if direction of scar passes diagonally with 30~45° from normal skin texture line, positions of 2 isosceles triangle skin flap sharing one side is switched.


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W-plasty is named because of W shape sutural. In this scar removal surgery, if direction of scar passes in 60°~90° perpendicular from normal skin texture line, after resection and removal of scar is complete in sawtooth “W” shape on normal skin layer, small triangle skin flaps on both sides are put alternately, and then sealing work follows.



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Local flap

With this scar removal surgery, because of large scar area and scar at edge of eye, nose, mouth, if 1st scar surgery cannot be performed by making resection on scar tissue and pulling it immediately, skin flap is forwarded or moved to scar region by making skin flap including artery and vein (perforator branches). This method is mostly used if there is large face scar or large spot (melanoma).


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