HD Endoscopic Breast Augmentation


What is a dry pocket?

Using the know-how to detach the area of insertion of the prosthesis, without bleeding, creates a dry pocket.  A dry pocket creates a natural feel and is effective in preventing capsular contracture.  Also, pain is minimized and recovery is fast without the need for a drain.


MINE's dry pocket know-how dissection,

without bleeding See the Difference

Preexisting breast augmenation surgery without creating a dry pocket


Preexisting breast augmenation surgery without creating a dry pocket


Because there is bleeding, in comparison to creating a dry pocket, the probability of capsular contracture occuring is high, and there is a difference in the way the breast feels.


As there is no bleeding, in comparison to when a dry pocket does not exist, there is a huge difference in the effects of preventing capsular contracture, and the shape and feel of the breast is natural.  Also, pain is minimized and a quick recovery is possible.

Even though an endoscope is being used,

not everyone can create a dry pocket.

Therefore, the know-how to create a dry pocket is important. MINE has the know-how to safely create a dry pocket, allowing for a safe and satisfactory breast augmentation surgery.

A natural shape and feel

Prevent capsular contracture

Minimal pain

Safe breast augmentation surgery

No drain needed


An accurate analysis through

the use of a 3D scanner

Through the use of a 3D scanner, we can not only predict the results post surgery, but also accurately measure the chest cavity and the difference in volume of the breasts.  This allows us to match the balance of the breasts during the surgery.  Even in the case where the breasts differ in size, patients can obtain satisfactory results.


An Accurate Analysis of the Shape of the Chest Cavity


Pectus Excavatum (Inverted)

If the method of detachment is the same for a patient with pectus excavatum and a patient with a normal chest cavity, it is possible for the breasts to attach. Therefore, a beautiful breast shape is created by not detaching furtherinside of the breast than normal.


Narrow Chest Cavity (Round)

If the chest cavity is narrow in size, accurately measure the size of the chest cavity and choose the appropriate prosthesis.  If the prosthesis wanted is large in comparison to the chest cavity, a beautiful breast shape can be safely created through a rear detachment.


Asymmetric Chest Cavity

If the left and right sides of the chest cavity differ in height, the prostheses will be inserted with a difference in height dependant on the difference in the chest cavity.


The muscle membrane is maintained without damage, resulting in more natural feeling breasts


When detaching the muscles in the breast, the muscle membrane is preserved and undamaged with the use of an endoscope. Because of this, the skin does not become thin and the feeling of the breast is more natural following sugery. If there is a lack of skill in endscopic detachment, there is a concern of damage to the muscle membrane.  If damage does occur, the fat behind the membrane will leak out making the skin thin and the prosthesis can be felt, making the breasts feel unnatural. Through skilled know-how, MINE's Endoscopic Breast Augmentation preserves the muscle membrane and the breasts have a natural feel.



Inserting Breast Prostheses without nerve damage


Detachment of the Backside of the Nerve If the size of the prosthesis wanted is large in comparison to the body frame and size of the chest cavity, if the method of detaching the backside of the nerve is not applied, nerve damage may occur resulting in damage to the sensory nerves in the nipple. MINE Plastic Surgery uses the method of detaching the backside of the nerve, without damaging the nerves.  This allows for less size limitations for prostheses and prevents the side effect of the breasts appearing to protrude from the sides of the chest cavity.  MINE can create large and voluminous breasts.



Prosthesis Insertion! Safe through Aseptic Insertion!!


Because the HD Endoscopic Breast Augmentation Surgery is performed through a minimal incision, in the case when wanting to insert a large prosthesis, the prosthesis must be pushed inside  using forceful strength which may cause problematic side effects such as chaffing of the skin, bleeding, tissue and nerve damage, rotation of the prosthesis, and other issues.  MINE plastic surgery is able to gently insert the prosthesis, with minimal force, through aseptic insertion.  Therefore, problematic side effects such as chaffing of the skin, bleeding, tissue and nerve damage, rotation of the prosthesis, and other issues are almost non-existent, and results from the breast augmentation are safely obtained.



No Concern of Scarring!!

No scarring through dual layer suturing.


When suturing the incision site, MINE Plastic Surgery uses a rotating stitch to suture the tissue inside of the skin maintaining tension and strength.  The incision site is then sutured for a second time using a dermal adhesive.  Through this dual layer suturing method, scarring is nonexistent and the incision area is clean.

Dry Pocket + Detail


Beautiful and Natural Breasts



Surgical method according to the method of incision


Transaxillary Incision Method

Make an incision approximately 3 cm in the armpit area where lines are visible.  There is no scarring in the breast area and because of the lines in the armpit, the scarring is not noticeable.


Peri-areolar Incision Method

This surgical method makes an incision approximately 1.5cm around the outer edge of the areola.  Direct vision of the surgical site is secured and there is barely any scarring left behind.


Inframammary Incision Method

This surgical method makes an incision approximately 4cm (3cm) in the crease underneath the breast, called the inframammary fold.  This method is used mainly in complex revision surgeries or surgeries where a lot of problems need to be repaired.

Surgical method according to location of the prosthesis


Dual Plane

This method places the top of the prosthesis under the pectoral muscle, and the bottom of the prosthesis under the breast tissue. This surgical method reflects only the advantages of methods placing the prosthesis above and below the pectoralis major.


Insertion Above the Pectoralis Major

This method inserts the prosthesis above the muscle in the breast called the pectoralis major.  This has does not affect the normal functioning of the breast tissue.


Insertion Below the Pectoralis Major

This method inserts the prosthesis behind the pectoralis major. It may be applied selectively in the case where the breasts are sagging or loose.