Liposuction Surgery Korea

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Liposuction is a surgical method that can reduce the number of fat cells, and to correct as balanced and smooth shape by removing overly accumulated fat. Slim body shape can be complete by discharging fats formed overly in each portion.


Liposuction Target

  • Too much of accumulated fat
  • To have desired body type in short period of time
  • Too much fat in certain area such as abdomen, thigh, arm and others
  • To correct uneven body type due to fat


Features of Liposuction

Secure Procedure

Surgery can be performed safely even for delicate areas such as face, ankle, and others, which is difficult with existing liposuction

Individual Body Analyze

Systematic and precise surgery through individualized body type analysis

Minimal Incision Scar

Invisible scar by minimum incision

Low Bruising and Swelling

Less contusion and swelling by preventing bleeding with blood vessel coagulation at time of surgery

Normal Daily Activity

No particular problem in everyday life


Liposuction Application Area

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Liposuction Surgeon

We have the qualified Best liposuction surgeons. Best Liposuction Surgeon can be identified upon the Skill & Experience, Boards acknowledgement in the Surgical Specialty, and Aesthetic Style etc. So, choosing a best liposuction surgeon who is well trained, skilled and ethical requires careful attention. The most important factor for the Best Liposuction surgeons are reputation through good liposuction results, happy patients, and ethical standards. We provide systematic and precise surgery through individualized body type analysis. Our Best Liposuction surgeons are working together in an innovative new way to ensure that patients make the right decisions and receive the right care.


Liposuction Korea Cost

The Lipo escultura and Buttock augmentation can improve the shape and size of buttocks, and provides perfect and smooth results. Liposuction can reduce size and volume, in addition to providing symmetry and smoothness. No more than 40% of the fat should be removed, and this in order to maintain a proportionate appearance.

The Lipo sculpture Buttock Augmentation and aims chiseling the patient’s body the way you want, which makes the cost of liposuction is less than one Liposuction.

The way our bodies respond to a disciplined and healthy lifestyle is often "unfair". In other words, many of us commit to vigorous and regular gym workouts and nutritious and balanced diets, just so that we stay with fat deposits in the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and other areas. The desire to achieve a slim and attractive body tone even though the body refuses to respond the way we want drives hundreds of thousands of people each year to seek surgical intervention to achieve their goals.

The Liposuction Korea cost of this procedure depends on the center, the professional and the area to be performed. It usually starts with a little more than USD 3500000 for a single area depends on Size of the patient.

Area to be treated (chin, abdomen, thighs, hips, knees and arms)

Type (tumescent, assisted by ultrasound and laser-assisted)

As you can see, there are several factors that affect the total cost of lip sculpture. Meanwhile, here is a range of liposuction prices. on Sydney's cost. These Liposuction Korea costs depend on the amount of fat that is taken, and it is measured in milliliters (ml) and not in grams.

These fees may seem expensive at first, but once you realize how much it can benefit you, regain confidence in yourself and make you stand out, it will definitely be worth it. Fortunately, Mine plastic surgery clinic offer lip sculpture packages where two areas will have a cheaper price.


Mine plastic surgery clinic provide best price like arm liposuction started from ₩ 3500000, Love handle started from  ₩3400000, Abdomen liposuction started from ₩8600000, Things liposuction started from, ₩600000, calf liposuction started from 3400000.