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Revision Eye Surgery?

In the case where the double eyelid surgery came out wrong, or you are unsatisfied with the eyelid line and shape and wish to fix it, with Beauty Point Secondary Operation Eyelid Revision you are able to find the right eyelid shape.


Why You Need Revision Eye Surgery Korea?

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When your double eyelid line has come undone

When the line is weak, not fixated, and has come undone. It is possible to fix this by the Non-Incision method. If the eyelid is thick and drooping, through the incision process, you are able to have Eyelid Revision Surgery.

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When scarring is large and noticeable

The case in which the line is too noticeable and there appears to be a lot of fat. Eyelid Revision Surgery can correct this, making the line look more normal and scarring less visible.

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If eyelid is asymmetrical

The case in which the line is loose or height is in different shape. In this case, we recommend that only one correction to make both symmetrical again.

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When the double eyelid looks unnatural

Although there is nothing medically wrong with the line, it just doesn’t suit your face. Through revision eye surgery you can fix this to have a more natural look.

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Overlapping double eyelid line

There are cases where after surgery the eyelid line forms several additional lines that do not blend well with the others. This occurs when too much excess fat is removed. If this is still visible after 3 months, then Revision Eye Surgery is possible.

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When the scarring of the Medial Canthoplasty remains

When there is too much scarring from the Medial Canthoplasty, with the Revision Eye Surgery, we can lessen the scarring or restore the eyelid to its previous form.

Point 1
1:1 Counseling Management

Personal 1:1 counseling management is offered to ensure that before, during, and after the eyelid revision surgery, results come out beautifully and naturally.

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Eyelid revision Surgery that is optimized for individuals

There are many incidents where Revision Surgery is needed and, with this secondary surgery, you are able to receive the natural results you have always wanted.

Revision Eye Surgery Operation Period

  • It will take 3-6 months to accurately judge the results of the first operation.
  • The stage after the swelling and redness have diminished and scarring is not as visible
  • After the swelling has gone down a significant amount
  • There are also cases where you can receive a secondary operation after 1 year.