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Deeper and more absolute more lift surgery by organizing ligaments of layer underneath SMAS tissue
Aging proceeds along with skin drooping, winkle increase, and reduced volume

F-6-More-Lift-Surgery cause of aging

Cause of aging

  • Elasticity degradation, pore expansion, pigmentation
  • Amyotrophia and lipoatrophia
  • Loosened connective tissue
  • Drooping toward direction of gravity
  • Osseous tissue absorption deformation
  • More Anti-aging provides deeper and more definite More Lifting Surgery for winkle, drooped skin, reduced volume due to many causes as above
F-6 More Lift Surgery area indication

Lifting for only subcutaneous fat can be less efficient and drooping may occur again frequently as the ligament tissue holding tissues is not released sufficiently.

However, for MINE PLASTIC SURGERY More lift surgery effect can be assured with deeper and firm pulling of skin, subcutaneous fat, SMAS tissue, and others altogether, because it can be pulled toward only one direction by sufficiently releasing ligaments holding soft tissue from underneath SMAS tissue, and by removing soft-tissue resistances.

1.    Skin
2.    Subcutaneous fat
3.    SMAS tissue
4.    Retaining ligaments and space
5.    Periosteum and Deep fascia

What is SMAS Tissue?

SMAS layer existing underneath subcutaneous fat refers to the layers that muscles making facial expressions are located, and also called “SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System).” It is a thin fascia that connects with face skin, adheres tightly to skin, and droops along with skin drooping due to aging.