Living in a world that bows down to beauty, having an “imperfect” body is no less than a crime. As for women, men symbolize them as “sex items” and look upon their body with greed. The bigger their breasts are and the thinner the waist is, such a woman is
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Breast augmentation or lifting surgery has become quite common in the present and due to its increasing demand, new technology has been introduced to make the procedure safer and long lasting. Previously, simple silicone implants were used for breast lifting but with the advancement in technology, Motiva breast implants are
Factors to know about Breast Implant
One of the inquiries on the psyche of women experiencing breast enlargement is "when will my new breasts with implants feel ordinary?" we ask my patients in follow-up visits when they feel that their implants are a piece of their body. This is the time when they quit considering them
  Rhinoplasty is a prevalent surgery that can enhance not just the look of your nose yet the whole appearance of your face. However revisional rhinoplasty is normal. Here's the reason! Nose reshaping is an extremely complex procedure   Some fundamental variations of nose reshaping (rhinoplasty) procedures include: Reduction rhinoplasty,