Many people do not like the facial structure of themselves and as a result some of them go for facial contouring surgery. But as facial contouring is a very complex procedure it may not be completely successful if it is done by non experienced doctors. Due to that patients may not achieve their desired results, there might be asymmetry, saggy skin, under corrected results, implants that might look unnatural, different functional problems such as problem
What is a Deviated nose? A deviated nose is a type of disorder that occurs where the bone that divides the nose into two equal parts is not straight or crooked. It can happen due to many reasons such as birth defect or trauma to the nose.   Normal Nose VS Deviated Nose   Problems of deviated nose: There are some problems that can cause medical complications in case of a deviated nose. They are

Why Go For Stem Cell Fat Graft

Posted by Shane Park on March 19, 2019
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  Importance of stem cell fat graft Aging is a continuous process. It can’t be changed in any way. But the signs of aging can be reduced up to a certain extent. It can be done with stem cell fat graft.   What is stem cell fat graft? Stem cells are integral part of human body. Known for its regenerative properties, stem cell can be used to regenerate healthy and youthful skin. Stem cell can
  For any women their breasts are very important to them.  If breasts are too small than it can affect their clothing and self confidence. That is why some women tend to go for Breast augmentation. But they might not want implant. In that case they can go for breast fat graft.   Who are perfect candidates? Who doesn’t want implants and want natural looking breast. Wants to go up only half or one cup

Get to know More About Motiva Breast Surgery

Posted by kmts19 on July 13, 2018
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When it comes to getting a breast augmentation surgery, motiva breast implants are, by far, one of the best options, suitable for anyone who desires to go a few breast sizes up. Motiva breast surgery is all about achieving a bigger, yet natural looking breasts without compromising the whole proportions of the body, keeping a nice, clean body shape complimented by a nice chest. This surgery is very similar to any other breast augmentation procedure,