Many people do not like the facial structure of themselves and as a result some of them go for facial contouring surgery. But as facial contouring is a very complex procedure it may not be completely successful if it is done by non experienced doctors. Due to that patients may
What is a Deviated nose? A deviated nose is a type of disorder that occurs where the bone that divides the nose into two equal parts is not straight or crooked. It can happen due to many reasons such as birth defect or trauma to the nose.   Normal Nose
  Importance of stem cell fat graft Aging is a continuous process. It can’t be changed in any way. But the signs of aging can be reduced up to a certain extent. It can be done with stem cell fat graft.   What is stem cell fat graft? Stem cells
  For any women their breasts are very important to them.  If breasts are too small than it can affect their clothing and self confidence. That is why some women tend to go for Breast augmentation. But they might not want implant. In that case they can go for breast
When it comes to getting a breast augmentation surgery, motiva breast implants are, by far, one of the best options, suitable for anyone who desires to go a few breast sizes up. Motiva breast surgery is all about achieving a bigger, yet natural looking breasts without compromising the whole proportions
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Sometimes mistaken as facial contouring surgery, jaw reduction surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in South Korea since it helps you achieve the perfect oval face. Through the jaw reduction surgery, you can shape your jaw to look more soft and rounded, giving you a much younger
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There are plenty of cosmetic procedures you can get done in South Korea to make your face more aesthetically pleasing and correct whatever it is you don’t necessarily love about your appearance, and one of the most famous cosmetic procedures are Korean Rhinoplasty. True be told, South Korea, specially Seoul
Breast Reduction Surgery
  If you are looking for a breast surgery procedure that isn’t invasive and actually makes your breasts look fully yet completely natural, then the water drop endoscopic breast surgery in Korea is the one for you.   This particular surgery allows you to achieve that natural looking set of
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No one is born to look same yet even in those differences, everyone is pretty in their own way. But there are people who find themselves to be different and not acceptable by the society because they just do not fall under the category of beautiful. Some have crooked nose
Obesity is not just the problem of the west. Thanks to the renowned fast food chains spreading their roots around the world, Asian countries too are battling with this serious problem. Amongst all, Korea is one of the Asian countries where the cases of obesity are on the rise, making