Breast Fat Grafting Korea

Will injecting a lot of fat, through Korean fat grafting, automatically make your breasts bigger? Is it really safe?

Depending on the know-how, the results of safe and large breasts, through fat grafting, will differ!

Fat Injection Site and Distribution

Fat injections takes place in-between the glandular tissues, above and below. 

They are injected using a specific ratio between the ribs and pectorals.

If the fat is injected or distributed into only one location, or the ratio of the injection is incorrect, side effects may occur. Depending on the physical characteristic of the breast, if there is no upper chest, in Korean fat grafting we fill the upper chest in- between the clavicle bone and the ribs. By doing this, we try to create a natural breast shape.

With this knowledge of Korean breast fat grafting, we evenly distribute the fat injections using specific ratios and, therefore, have no side effects. This leads to safe results and satisfactory, beautiful breasts.

Small!! Equally!! Scattered!!

Evenly Injected Skills

The lumps fat in between the living tissue

Small!! Equally!! Scattered!!

Using experienced, local know-how Korean fat grafting, small fat particles are injected into living tissue and scattered. The injected fat prevent them from stuck or bundle together.

Scatter the fat by injecting in-between

If it does not evenly distribute fat

This will increase the fat that is wadded together to prevent symptoms, side effects, and prevention of side effects.

The fat clumps together causing risks such as cyst fat cells, lime, and fat necrosis risk

When the fat injection, with the particles, are larger injections or scattered and bunch to become a part of each other, the fat cells die causing cyst (fat pockets), calcareous, and fat necrosis. These are some of the side effects that occur when know-how changes results.

Health Check and Ultrasound


MINE Plastic Surgery runs a preoperative health check before surgery and an ultrasound after surgery to avoid side effects.

Fat injection amount until

just before the pressure increases

When injection surpasses a certain limit, because of increase in pressure, there is no oxygen and nutrient supply. This causes the percentage of surviving fat cells to fall drastically, making maintaining a large bust size and shape very difficult.

Mine Plastic Surgery administers fat injections, up to the point right before pressure rises, until the person reaches the voluptuous volume desired. The know-how is to administer injections until the pressure becomes high, but can still maintain the plumpest of volumes by fat grafting Korea.

3D Scanner

Using a 3D scanner, not only can breast size be accurately measured, but also volume. Therefore, an error-free plan can be created.  By administering this error-free plan, a number of fat injections can precisely be obtained while the increase in pressure and side effects of fat lumping together can be prevented with Korean fat grafting in Korea.



The worrisome fat and line

will all be gone!

By simply injecting the fat into the chest area,

it not only takes away the worrisome fat line,

but we also try to give a beautiful line.



The legs look longer and the waist

line and abdominal all look slim.

Riding flesh thighs and knees are taken up by

the fat line to make the legs look longer. It certainly

takes away the stomach fat and gives you a slim


If you want to further enhance the Breast Fat Graft ?

Stem Cell

Stem cells facilitate the angiogenesis and secretion of growth factors to the cell engraftment of fat to help assist the long held adipocytes.


Because of growth factors of PRP, the fat injected is enhanced, the percentage of fat survival is increased, and it helps to increase longevity of results of the procedure.


Brava, after securing a place in advance by expanding the breast tissue, uses sound pressure to enhance the transplantation of pure fat to create more voluptuous and beautiful breasts.

MINE Plastic Surgery uses the Harvest Jet to collect fat

The Harvest Jet collects the living tissues of fat without damaging them

Damage is less uniform and can reduce fat

The fat graft moulding equipment was developed to increase the local fat area. To do this, we use a powerful water jet (WATER-JET) which causes less tissue damage due to harvesting off the fat similarly to harvesting every grain of grape off of a bunch, resulting in almost no side effects.

Pure fat transplant has a high natural cure

With automatic filtering of the pure fat graft, the fat separation process is designed to be implanted through the available, intact, and fresh fat without waiting because this natural cure is a high, pure fat transplant in fat grafting Korea.

Resolving obesity and breast issues

Liposuction solves obesity and breast enlargement at the same time, killing two birds with one stone.

General Fat Graft vs Harvest Jet Fat Graft


General Fat GraftVSHarvest Jet
Often damaged while collecting fatCollecting methodsUsing the water jet method there is almost no damage to the tissue while collecting fat
The size of fat is not constantType of collected fatShows a constant particle shape of 0.5mm in size
Collected, it generates oxidation, by contact with air, in a centrifugal separation processAir contactExtraction and, at the same time, filtering is performed. Almost no fat myth as fat is transplanted immediately.
Severe damage to fat cells due to high speed centrifugationSeparation methodsSpecial filters (repo collector) used have little cell damage
Damaged fat cells can cause 5 days cysts, and calcifications. (Collected fat areas) (stomach, thighs) bleeding, bruising, swelling are severe side effects.Side effects5 day cyst, calcification rarely shows. There are barely any negative side effects from the collected fat areas.
LowNaturally becoming my ownHigh

Breast Fat Graft Surgery Method

Candidates for Breast Fat Graft Surgery

  • Want to calibrate your body and breasts at the same time
  • If the size of the breast volume is different and off balance,
  • want correction
  • Want breast implants, but are reluctant
  • Want natural volume with no scarring
  • Want implant surgery at the same time
  • Want improvement when the upper chest is weak

Breast Fat Grafting Before and After Photos

With MINE Plastic Surgery’s know-how

We Ensure a safe Fat Grafting Procedure for the Chest!!