Breast Fat Grafting Korea


With breast fat grafting, will the breasts get larger by just placing a large

amount of fat inside? Is it really safe?


Voluptuous and safe breast fat grafting results

will differ depending on know-how!

Will injecting a lot of fat, through Korean fat grafting, automatically make your breasts bigger? Is it really safe?

Depending on the know-how, the results of safe and large breasts, through fat grafting, will differ!

Location and Distribution of Fat Injection


Above the glandular tissue, below the glandular tissue, between the pectoralis major and the ribs Fat Injection at a specific rate

If the fat is injected into only one place or is distributed incorrectly, the engraftment rate is not high and the injected fat will clump together which may cause side effects.  In addition, dependent on specific body characteristics, it is possible to obtain a natural and voluminous chest shape.  If the breasts are separated, fat can be injected in greater amounts towards the inside of the breasts and injections can be made in the upper part of the breast and between the collar bone and breasts for patients who do not have a fuller upper breast or where the breasts stick out between the collar bone and between the ribs in the chest area.

With the know-how of evenly distributing the injection of fat at a specific rate, Korean breast fat grafting can produce safe results with a beautiful breast shape, without side effects.

Small!! Uniform!! Dispersed!! Equal Injection Skill

Lumps of fat between living tissue Make them small, uniform, and dispersed


Upon injection of fat, using skilled know-how, inject the fat particles in dispersed small amounts, between living tissue to prevent the fat from sticking or clumping together.


Where the fat is injected to disperse between the tissue


Prevent the situation where the fat clumps together  Raises rate of fat engraftment, prevents side effects

When the fat is not uniformly distributed


When the fat clumps together and touch eachother, portions of the fat cells die and lead to risks such as cysts, compounds of calcium, fat necrosis and other risks

Upon injection, if a large amount of fat particles are injected or if the particles do not disperse and if the fat starts to clump together, the portions of the fat cells that touch eachother will die.  Because side effects such as cysts (fat pockets), compounds of calcium, fat necrosis and other risks will arise, if the portions of fat die, the know-how when injecting fat will influence the results.


Ultrasound before and after breast fat grafting

MINE Plastic Surgery runs an ultrasound examination before and after surgery to check the condition of a patient before surgery, and to ensure there are no side effects after

The amount of fat injected Right up until pressure rises


If you inject more than a certain amout of fat, pressure rises and the supplies of oxygen and nutrients are constricted causing the rate of fat engraftment to rapidly decrease making it impossible to maintain large and voluptuous breasts.


MINE Plastic Surgery injects fat right up until pressure rises to achieve the  fullest volume.  The know-how of injecting fat right up until pressure rises maintains the most voluptuous volume.

3 D Scanner


The 3D scanner allows us to accurately measure not just the size of the breast, but the volume as well and allows us to set up an error-free plan.  With the implementation of this error-free plan, the precise amount of fat can be injected without pressure rising and side effects due to fat clumping together are prevented.



Confidently remove fat you are worried about while achieving the line you want!


This is not just a breast fat injection.  It is possible to maximize the amount of fat removed from an area of concern and simultaneously achieve the line you want.


Make the legs look longer and slimmer.Confidently remove abdominal fat andsimultaneously achieve a waist line.


Collect fat from saddlebags on the thighs to the chanel lines on the knees to make the legs look long and revive the line you want.  Confidently remove abdominal fat while simultaneously achieving a waist line.

If you want to further enhance the Breast Fat Graft ?

Want to raise the breast fat engraftment rate ?


Stem Cells


Stem cells promote angiogenesis and release the growth factor, helping fat cell engraftment and the  maintaining of fat cells for a long period of time.



Because PRP is rich in growth factors, the rate of engraftment of transferred fat rises and it helps the effects of the Korean fat grafting to last for a long period of time.


Brava uses sound pressue to enlarge breast tissue, and after freeing up space, pure fat is transferred to increase engraftment rate and breasts that are more voluptuous and beautiful are formed.

MINE Breast Fat Grafting extracts fat with the Harvest Jet

MINE Breast Fat Grafting extracts fat with the Harvest Jet

The extraction of an equal and uniform amount of fat, reducing damage to the fat

To increase fat engraftment rate, use a developed fat cosmetics surgery device, with a powerful water jet, to remove live fat, as if brushing a single grape off its vine one at a time.  This results in less tissue damage and almost no side effects.


Transfer pure fat to raise engraftment rate

Through automatic filtering and through the pure fat separation process, it has been designed so that it is possible to transfer fat without a waiting time.  Because pure fat is transferred, the engraftment rate is high.


Resolve obese areas and breast concerns

It is possible to remove excess fat and resolve areas of high fat content with liposuction while simultaniously enlarging the breasts. 2 in 1 results.


Standard fat grafting VS Harvest Jet Fat grafting

Standard Fat Grafting


Harvest Jet

Lots of damage to fat upon  extraction

 Extraction Method 

Almost no tissue damage using Harvest Jet With almost no damage, extraction is possible as is

Size of fat is not constant

 Condition of Extracted Fat 

You can see a uniform and even particle shape 0.5mm in size

During extraction and centrifugation, oxidation occurs due to contact with the air 

 Contact with Air  

There is barely any contact between the fat and air as filtering occurs at the same time as extraction and can be directly transferred.

Damage to fat cells is severe due to rapid rotational centrifugation.

 Separation Method 

Almost no cell damage through the use of a special filter (lipocollector)

Possible occurence of oil cysts and calcification due to damaged fat cells. (bleeding, bruising, swelling, and pain is severe in area of fat extraction (stomach, thighs)

 Side Effects 

Oil cysts, calcification hardly ever occur.  Hardly any side effects because there is little damage to the area of fat extraction.

Below 50% (highest engraftment rate)

 Rate of Engraftment 

Above 50-60% engraftment possible (highest engraftment rate)

MINE Korean breast fat grafting surgical method


MINE Breast Fat Grafting Demographic

  • When wanting to correct your body type while simultaneously enlarging the breasts
  • When the volume and size of the breasts are different and you want make them balanced
  • When you want to receive breast augmentation surgery, but implants make you nervous
  • When natural volume is wanted without scarring
  • When the upper part of the breasts are in poor condition

Breast Fat Grafting Before and After Photos

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MINE Plastic Surgery's Know-How Means

Confident and Safe Breast Fat Grafting!!