Macs Facelift Plastic Surgery In Korea

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Minimal Access Cranial Suspension, MACS

With MACS Lift surgery, minimum incision can be made to have lifting effect, if long cutting line is not required because degree of drooping is not severe enough. Through MACS Lift surgery by MINE PLASTIC SURGERY, absolute effect can be assured by pulling and fixing not only skin tissue but also skin layer, subcutaneous fat layer, SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) layer altogether.




MACS Lift Surgery Method

F-1 MACS Lift method image 1

Design of cutting line in front of ear

F-1 MACS Lift method image 2

Lift SMAS muscular strength after making an incision through front side of ear. Proceed extended MACS Lift surgery if degree of lifting is deemed severe. Seal incision area after pulling and fixating rest of tissue and muscle

F-1 MACS Lift method image 3

Pull up by separating subcutaneous fat layer from panniculuscarnosus, after making an incision about 5 layers of whisker region and right in front of ear. Tie SMAS panniculuscarnosus with thread and pull up. Pull skin upward, and remove the rest of skin, and seal



MACS Lift Surgery Features

  • To minimize scars, surgery is performed with minimum incision on almost invisible hairline and ear front area.
  • Fundamental cause is resolved by pulling up to SMAS tissue, skin layer, subcutaneous fat, and panniculuscarnosus, which is underlying cause of skin drooping. Lifting effect lasts for long time.
  • By proceeding lifting safely and without nerve damage, winkle removal and skin elasticity recovery are possible with no concerns of side effects.
  • Returning to everyday life is fast as there is no symptoms such as contusion, severe swelling, scar, and others after surgery, by reducing bleeding with minimum incision.



MACS Lift Surgery Target

  • Drooped mid and lower face as over middle aged group
  • Drooped face area underneath eyes
  • Long smile line due to drooped cheek
  • Unclear line due to drooped mouth winkle line
  • Lines of chin and neck is unclear due to protruding fat accumulation underneath chin
  • Lifting surgery with unsatisfying result