Doublo Lifting Laser Face Lift Surgery Korea

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Doublo Lifting

Doublo lifting that provides powerful lifting deep inside skin without surgery, instant under eye wrinkles improvement and lifting effect by reaching SMAS layer, the cause of dermis, under eye winkles, and skin drooping and under eye treatment.


Lifting effect UP with thread-lifting

Absolute lifting of inner and outer skin

<strong>1.  Doublo 3 times</strong>
1. Doublo 3 times
<strong>2. Thread-lifting 1 time </strong>
2. Thread-lifting 1 time

Water light Doublo lifting package

Moist skin feeling immediately after doublo lifting
Moist and clear with water light! Doublo lifting elasticity strengthening lifting effect!

<strong>1. Doublo</strong>
1. Doublo
<strong>2. Thread-lifting</strong>
2. Thread-lifting
<strong>3. Water light PRP</strong>
3. Water light PRP
<strong>4. Action II Fraxel</strong>
4. Action II Fraxel
<strong>5. Reproduction management</strong>
5. Reproduction management

Speed young face package

Resolve troubling winkle area, moist water light skin, young and pretty quickly with powerful lifting


Basic    Filler 4cc  ->  Water light injection ->  Doublo ->  Thread-lifting

<strong>1. Filler 4cc</strong>
1. Filler 4cc
<strong>2. Water light injection</strong>
2. Water light injection
<strong>3. Doublo</strong>
3. Doublo
<strong>4. Thread-lifting</strong>
4. Thread-lifting


Premium    Doublo  ->  Thread lifting  ->  Water light PRP  ->  Rejuran healer  ->  Dermotoxin  ->  Action II Fraxel

<strong>1. Doublo</strong>
1. Doublo
<strong>2. Thread-lifting</strong>
2. Thread-lifting
<strong>3. Water light PRP</strong>
3. Water light PRP
<strong>4. Rejuran healer</strong>
4. Rejuran healer
<strong>5. Dermotoxin</strong>
5. Dermotoxin
<strong>6. Action II Fraxel</strong>
6. Action II Fraxel

Doublo Lifting Treatment Equipments

Doublo lifting


K-3 Doublo Lifting doublo image

As skin pulling is achieved by transferring heat to 3~ 4.5mm depth muscle fascia under skin surface, this equipment provides lifting without making incision.

Water light injection


K-3 Doublo Lifting water light injection image

Water light injection fills up skin supplementary material composed of hyaluronic acid constituent inside skin, and helps supplement moisture and maintain with moisture coat created inside skin. While improving skin elasticity and winkle simultaneously, smooth and sparkling effect such as shining skin can be expected.

Action II Fraxel


K-3 Doublo Lifting Action II Fraxel image


Action II Fractional laser carves protruding skin with 2940nm wavelength layer, makes border smooth, and scar portion is raised by increasing collagen generation for groove area.