Cheekbone Reduction

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Cheekbone Reduction Surgery Korea


Cheekbone Reduction Surgery  small and three-dimensional effect in any angle


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Cheekbone Reduction surgery is a procedure that reduces side cheekbones size, and increases front cheekbone volume. With this surgery, oval shape natural face can be obtained by raising frontal effect and making facial line smooth at the same time. Korean Cheekbone reduction surgery also gives the face a harmony by balancing the size to the facial feature with great transformation from Cheek Plastic Surgery Before And After.

Cheekbone surgery before and after images are well demonstration for understanding the anatomy of the Korean cheekbone reduction surgery.  



Cheekbone Reduction surgery Before And After Image below!

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Customized surgery with high reduction effect

It has outstanding cheekbone reduction surgery effect and can create oval and smooth facial line in any angle as medical specialist measures accurately quantity and thickness suited to individual, resects cheekbone, move to the most ideal position, and with stable fixation.


Minimized cheek drooping and nonunion through minimum desquamation, stable fixation

Cheek drooping and nonunion following Cheekbone Reduction surgery is caused in case of excessive skin desquamation and unstable fixation. Our Cheekbone Reduction surgery minimized side effect of cheek drooping or bone detaching nonunion, and others by minimizing desquamation and with stable fixation of relocated cheekbone. Please check Cheek Plastic Surgery Before And After photos of our satisfied clients.


Fast recovery period

As Korean cheekbone reduction surgery is performed through minimum resection and desquamation, concern of scar is reduced and with natural recovery period.



Cheekbone Reduction Surgery Technique

With the customization suited to patient’s condition and oral incision by accurate decision of osteotomy location, small and oval shape facial line can be achieved through surgical method using various fixation methods such as fine resection, natural union, metallic union, biodegradable screw, and others.



Cheek Plastic Surgery Before And After

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Cheekbone Reduction Surgery Target

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  • Protruding cheekbone due to strong facial impression caused by cheekbone
  • Unnatural facial line due to cheekbone protruding
  • Uneven face or large looking face size with cheekbone development
  • Asymmetrical cheekbone or wide left and right sides of cheekbones