Abdomen Liposuction


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Abdominal Liposuction

Liposuction is a surgical method in which the number of fat cells are directly reduced. The large scale of fat cells inside the body are precisely and sophisticatedly removed and suctioned through a small incision to create a reduced slimmer size from all angles. It resolves areas in the abdomen that are not easily removable due to menopause or through exercise.


The fat cells in the skin layer are large and distributed greatly forming subcutaneous fat and the number of fat cells are taking up a bulk amount of space.

As the fat cells are removed, the surface area is reduced, allowing one to see a slim and smooth body line following liposuction.

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Strongly Liposuction

It's time to make a slim body!


Someone who has a skinny frame but a lot of belly weight

Someone who has a higher scale of fat in the abdomen compared to other areas in the body

Someone who has no waist definition and the waistline is straight

MINE's Abdominal Liposuction

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Unique Abdominal Liposuction


A detailed examination with a 3D ultrasound

Using a 3D ultrasound, the thickness of the fat layer and the positioning of the muscle and nerves are calculated before liposuction.


Zero concerns with scarring that is not visible!

Without the use of unnecessary incisions and through a minimal incision, scarring is unnoticeable even when wearing a bikini or crop top.


Follow-up management responsibility to the end

MINE thoroughly provides care following liposuction to minimize bruising, swelling and pain.

MINE Abdominal Liposuction

Surgical Process


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Variety of Liposuction Procedures


MINE's Abdominal Liposuction

After Care

Management Following a Thorough Operation! Management alone helps with a faster recovery and increases satisfaction of results.


MINE's Abdominal Liposuction

I'm Curious About

1. When does the swelling and bruising completely subside?

On average approximately 70% of swelling and bruising will improve within 2 weeks. Due to the physical make up of the body or for other reasons, swelling may last longer. This is normal.

2. How long must I wear the compression garment for?

Following liposuction, you must consistently wear the compression garment for approximately 12 days for good results.

3. Following surgery, is it possible to lose sensation?

In the area where the liposuction is being performed, one may lose some sensation. If long, this could last for over 6 months. This will also depend on the patient’s physical make up as well as on other reasons and is a normal reaction.


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