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Nose Rhinoplasty Surgery

Wide Nose Rhinoplasty Surgery is when the tip of the nose is un-pointed and the nose is flat. Through Wide molding, by removing the layer of fat under the skin, you can create a refined and pointed nose.

Wide Nose Rhinoplasty Surgery Features

1. Harmonious co-completion ratio to fit the individual's face
2. A natural curve-shaped nose
3. The ideal width of the nose to create a harmonious face

Wide Nose Rhinoplasty Surgery Methods


Trim the cartilage and smooth the sides while bringing the end of the nose together. Insert cartilage from the ear, nasal septum cartilage, nasal cartilage, etc. between the cartilages at the end of the nose to create a more pointed nose by Wide Nose Rhinoplasty.

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After trimming the cartilage, by stitching and tying the ends together, the nasal septum connected to the bottom naturally moves to the top of the nose to create a pointed nose with wide nose rhinoplasty.

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Remove subcutaneous fat and flesh to heighten the end of the nose. If you want to simultaneously have surgery to heighten the bridge of the nose, using ear cartilage, nasal cartilage, etc…, we can create a defined, shaper nose.

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The Surgery 'Wide Nose Rhinoplasty' When Applicable?

Patients who have more slender, flexible skin and noses that are bigger will probably endure a huge scaling back of their nose; Wide Nose Rhinoplasty may be good. In these patients, their more slender skin will tend to recoil after some time to suit the diminishment in their nasal ligament and bone structure. This shrinkage may take numerous months or even years. In this manner, these patients will probably be despondent at an early stage, before their swelling dies down and the skin therapists to suit the new nasal structure for their wide nose rhinoplasty. In the event that the nose is made too little, the skin may never totally contract and may leave a distortion. Call us to get the best rhinoplasty cost in korea Today!
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  • If the end of the nose is big and blocky.
  • If the end of the nose is wide and flat.
  • If the skin and tissue at the end of the nose is thicker.

Rhinoplasty cost in Korea

What is a rhinoplasty? What does it consist of?

A nose surgery is called rhinoplasty. With this surgery, what we are looking for is to change the shape of the nose to improve the facial aesthetic appearance of the patient. There are several aspects that are taken into account when planning a nose surgery. Among them are the characteristics of the nose (if it is large, small, broad, etc.), the type of skin of the nose (thick, finite or combined) and a very important aspect, the ethnic characteristics of the patient or the race ( Caucasian, African, Indian, Asian, etc.). All these factors are of great importance when planning and deciding what type of surgery is best for achieving a result as natural as possible.

Costs of Rhinoplasty surgery in Mine plastic surgery clinic:

The cost may include:

  • the surgeon's fees;
  • the tariff of the hospital or the clinic where it is operated;
  • rate for anesthesia;
  • prescription drugs; Y
  • clinical examinations;


The Rhinoplasty cost of the surgery will depend on the work done and the complexity of it.

For example, a simple change such as Augmentation rhinoplasty 2600000 only the tip of the nose could start at 34,00000 and. The Rhinoplasty cost in Korea, sometime fluctuates between 2600000 and ₩900,000. Nose surgery is very complex and that is why it is extremely important to choose the surgeon well since repairing it is usually much more expensive and there will always be things that cannot be corrected at all.