EZ Thread & Eyebrow Face Lift Surgery Korea

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EZ Lift

With this lifting surgical procedure using special thread with 2~3 times more bumps compared with regular lifting, loosened skin is pulled, and winkles are tightened effectively. Even fundamental skin elasticity can be improved by promoting V line face as well as collagen generation.



EZ Lift Surgery Method

F-5 EZ Lift (Thread Lift) method image 1

Inject thread face lift differently depending on individual with optimum design suited to face shape near temple

F-5 EZ Lift (Thread Lift) method image 2

Make thread face lift bump easily hung on skin with gentle touch on skin texture for each thread insertion

F-5 EZ Lift (Thread Lift) method image 3

Lifting effect is shown after surgery



ez lift plastic surgery Features

  • Natural and smooth result can be assured, through thread face lift performed on loosened part selectively, and the effect is shown immediately.
  • With non-incision or minimum incision depending on skin loosening, surgery can be performed without burden and conveniently.
  • As collagen synthesis is promoted by inserting thread to hypoderm, it has effect of improving skin elasticity.
  • There are almost no feeling of irritation, swelling, and contusion.
  • There is no scar, and with semi-permanent effect with this thread face lift surgery Korea.



ez lift plastic surgery Target

  • Much cheek flesh and less elasticity despite young age
  • Square jaw image with wide looking chin
  • Has burden of surgery scar and others
  • No time for surgical winkle removal
  • Concern of aged looking due to deepened smile line, and severely drooping cheek as time goes by

Blue Rose Lift

This lifting surgical procedure is a non-surgical lifting technique using special thread facelift decomposed in the body. Blue rose is a PDO thread (melting thread) for lifting and facial tissue fixing approved by FDA and KFDA. With bump looking like rose thorn, durability and fixating ability are strengthened in comparison with existing threads. Effect can be increased with cell tissue activation and collagen generation.



Blue Rose Lift Features

F-5 EZ Lift (Thread Lift) blue rose lift feature image 1

PDO lifting that the thread meltsin the body
There is almost no feeling of irritation with thread melting in the body. It can be applied safely to sensitive skin because it has no side effects such as infection, allergy, and others.  

360-degree spiral bump
Effect can be assured because it has a spiral structure that thread bump rotates 360-degree, and fixates tissue more firmly.


F-5 EZ Lift (Thread Lift) blue rose lift feature image 2


Molding Type Structure
Rather than simply cut bumps, it is a molding structure that maintains thread thickness at certain level, and duration has gotten longer by keeping original form intact, even after lapse of time.



Blue Rose Lift Surgical Area

F-5 EZ Lift (Thread Lift) blue rose lift surgical area

Surgery area

  • Forehead
  • Eye rim
  • Smiling line
  • Droopy cheek
  • Droopy Chin
  • Jaw



MINE Blue Rose Lift Features

  • In Eyebrow lift surgery the use of  thread that naturally melts inside body after surgical procedure.
  • 3 time stronger skin fixation with on thread losses, due to molding type structure rather than existing cutting type.
  • Secure safe lifting surgery by the specialist residing in anesthesiology unit within hospital.
  • Official approval by FDA and KFDA.
  • Effect that lasts up to maximum 3 years by the strength 3 times stronger compared with existing thread lifting.
  • Complete balanced and beautiful face line through many years of surgical experiences and know-how.

Silhouette Lift

With Silhouette lift, face winkles and loosened winkles around neck can be removed by pulling soft tissue of skin by inserting special thread with cone, and skin elasticity is improved by stimulating collagen deep inside skin.



Silhouette Lift Features

  • Scars will not remain as Eyebrow lift surgery is performed through less than 1cm incision on hairline area.
  • Lifting effect can be assured as thread cone fixes strongly soft tissues in 360-degree.
  • Absorbed or decomposed after about 6 months of period, it is safe and harmless to human body.
  • Compared with existing surgical procedure, lifting effect lasts longer time, and cone is gradually melted and absorbed during 6 months of period.



Silhouette Lift Method

F-5 EZ Lift (Thread Lift) Silhouette Lift Method image 1

The procedure itself takes approximately 30 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia. The Silhouette Lift threads are implemented into the skin by small punctures with a fine guide needle to depth of about 3-5 mm, no cut necessary.



Silhouette Lift Target

  • Severely drooped eyelid due to aging
  • Lots of fine winkles all around face
  • Various types of winkles near eyes and mouth
  • Unclear boundary line of chin and neck due to loosened skin near chin
  • Quick lifting effect without surgery