Mini Liposuction

MINE's Unique

Mini Liposuction





Know-how obtained through various surgical cases by medical staff in the field of liposuction.


A perfect, smooth, elastic body line where the skin is not left uneven or bumpy.


A detailed design and procedure from specialists with exceptional aesthetic sense.


A systematic analysis before surgery to lead an accurate and safe procedure

  • Through minimal incision methods, scarring is minimized and incisions are made only in areas that are difficult to see.
  • Pain, swelling and bruising are minimized to provide a speedy recovery.
  • Size reduction is definite, but we also create a smooth line, resolving skin left uneven due to cellulite.
  • This is not just a simple procedure in which fat is removed, but a high-level procedure that designs the body shape and makes it slimmer, while considering the body's balance and line

Mini Liposuction


Applicable to the Following Areas


Dr. Lee, Sung Wook

MINE's Promise


For a Proper Procedure


We promise to provide an accurate consultation and diagnosis to determine the most suitable procedure for the patient.


We promise to minimize scarring.


We promise to provide trustworthy and safe results without the use of shadow doctors.


We promise to provide professional and responsible care and follow-up management, after surgery, to prevent bleeding, infection and other side effects.


We promise to work with dermatologists after surgery to provide the best care for scar prevention.

Special attention should be paid to possible common postoperative complications such as bleeding, infection and inflammation as there may be a degree of difference in each individual patient.