Motiva Breast Implants Surgery Korea

Excellent elasticity and elegance make possible for a small size of incision site

MOTIVA Breast implants use silicone gel for strong durability and elasticity. It helps to reduce the incision site during operation. MOTIVA breast surgery is the latest implantation techniques and Motiva Breast implants is more durable and elastic than any other implants used so far.



MOTIVA breast implants is based on the technique of intermolecular bonding integration. It makes high quality of gel' elasticity and helps much better texture for softness through time.


Motiva breast implants are different from others. It combines elastomeric and progressive gel and helps to get a really natural shape of the breast, for example teardrop shape when you sit and round shape when you lie down by movement.

Motiva breast surgery is a premium plant which is improved about the shape and ripping symptom by gravity.

Elaborate and detailed Nano surface

The Elaborate and detailed Nano surface implant helps for implantation, and adapt to the movement of the breast.

We exactly know the location of implant by UDI.


There is UDI, which have been approved by FDA, In the MOTIVA implant . We exactly can confirm the location in the breast , when and how we used without patient's personal chart. In addition , it never disappears or changes , so we guarantee our patient 's safety and reliability.

Bluseal layer reduces Capsular contracture , but raises safety.

Bluseal has MOTIVA breast surgery own special technical skill which is able to check the safe state. It minimizes diffused silicone in the body and capsular constructure too. Also, if the barrier layer cracked. It would turn the blue color to find easily.





Natural shape and texture relative to the motion


  • 1 This implant is created based on round and teardrop shape of implants
  • 2 It feels really natural and soft by 100% ultra soft
  • 3 Free from capsular contracture by a minute nano-surface
  • 4 A study on rheological to the natural movement of the breast makes possible to get the best shape and convenience movement
  • 5 Free from rippling symptom by 100% full fill implant

Before and After Photos