Surgical & Non-Surgical Face Lift in Korea

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Face Lifting Surgery Surgical & Non Surgical Face Lift


Face lift surgery as in surgical and non surgical face lift removes wrinkled and drooped skins near face and neck due to aging, and keeps muscle or skin tightly. With this method, face skin and drooped soft tissues are directly pulled up mostly to cutting line extended at front, back, and the surroundings of ears, and fixed. More lifting has deeper and more firm lifting effect with pulling of not only skin but skin, subcutaneous fat, SMAS tissue, and others altogether. Non Surgical Face lift at MINE also gives a faster effect with lower time of treatment. Non surgical face lift are very common with Botox and Fillers.




Face Lift Surgery Method

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Make an incision following cutting line after designing incision area of inner head and front of ear

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Seal or make an incision of skin surface SMAS layer by separating skin layer

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Seal incision area after pulling and fixing rest of tissues and muscles



Face Lift Surgery Features

Surgical & Non Surgical Face Lift

Face lift requires making good lifting points, with proper setting of pulling direction, to prevent unnatural face appearance after surgery. As MINE PLASTIC SURGERY performs operation based on long time experience of skill medical specialists, satisfying surgery results can be assured.

  • Outstanding lifting effect – It sets a maximum lifting range properly based on condition of each individual, and shows maximized lifting effect by pulling up not just skin but also SMAS tissue, and subcutaneous fat.
  • Natural facial expression – It prevents upward looking with torn eyes slant, and unnatural expression that mouse looks torn toward side after surgery, with no mistakes of wrong pulling direction and over pulling during the procedure.
  • Rich surgery know-how - With this surgical procedure by skilled specialist with rich surgery experience, there is no uneven skin side effects due to wrong desquamation and satisfying result can be delivered.
  • The Non-Surgical Facelift delivers firmer, fresher and more youthful looking skin. It tightens facial muscles, while helping to treat fine lines and wrinkles.
  • There are many candidates who opt for non-surgical face lift or face lift without surgery.
  • Two of the most popular nonsurgical face lift methods are Botox and Dermal Filler.



Face Lift Surgery Target

(Surgical & Non surgical Face Lift)

  • Drooped skin due to less elasticity
  • Drooped skin on cheek
  • Bigger looking face due to dropped thin and double chin
  • Looking aged because of severe drooping of nose side winkles