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Dimple Surgery


Plastic surgery for dimple is one of unique treatments you will only get in Mine Clinic with affordable cost. With dimple surgery, skin is sunken together with dimple upon contraction of muscle by making sunken sealing between the skin and lower muscle. Korean Dimple surgery is the simple one taking less than 10 minutes, and attractive appearance can be created with natural dimple made when smiling or making the expression. Dimple Surgery Before And After photos are available down for a small reference.

Mine Plastic Surgery

Ideal Location For Plastic Surgery Dimple Surgery

Proper and natural location through dimple surgery is the contact point between horizontal extension line of tip of lips and vertical line drawn with outer tip of pupil. MINE PLASTIC SURGERY can deliver highly satisfying result by creating with dimple surgery at ideal location for dimple, as well as optimum location suited to any individual with an affordable dimple surgery cost.

Mine Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery for Dimples Features

Minimized scar and swelling through oral incision

Natural dimple with affordable dimples surgery cost

Dimple shape that matches up individual


Dimple Surgery Types

  • Dimple in middle of cheek
  • Mouth corner dimple
  • Long dimple


Dimple Surgery Method

After simple topical anesthesia, and small incision inside mouse, muscle and thick skin used for smiling is connected at desired location using thread and needle.

  • Design dimple location
  • Make incision about 5mm on oral mucosa inside mouth
  • Tie up together with tissue underneath skin using stitching fiber

Mine Plastic Surgery

Dimple Surgery Before And After


Dimple Surgery Target

  • To make smooth impression
  • To make plain face highlighted
  • To make existing dimple more vivid
  • To have revision surgery because no effect was shown after dimple surgery