Stem Cell Therapy Korea

Fat Transplantation through Stem Cell Therapy Korea

With this surgery, fat is extracted from areas with lots of body fat such as abdomen; thigh, buttocks, stem cell and pure fat are extracted from the fat to transplant into volume-fewer areas. For stem cell fat transplantation, with relatively high engraftment rate compared with existing fat transplant, and volume can be maintained persistently. This can also be diagnosed with Stem Cell Therapy in Korea.


What is Stem Cell & Stem Cell Therapy Korea?

Stem cell refers to the cell before making cellular differentiation to specific cells of body such as nerve, blood, and others, and retains self-duplicating ability with the feature of making differentiation to tissue cell comprising of our body. Stem Cell Therapy Korea is an advanced method indeed.

Stem Cell Therapy Korea is also called regenerative drug, advances the repairing reaction of unhealthy, useless or harmed tissue utilizing undifferentiated cells or their subsidiaries. It is the following part of organ transplantation and utilization cells rather than benefactor organs, which are short in supply.

Scientists develop stem cells in the lab. These stem cells are controlled to practice into particular sorts of cells, for example, heart muscle cells, platelets or nerve cells.

The specific cells can then be embedded into a man. For instance, if the individual has a coronary illness, the cells could be infused into the heart muscle. The sound transplanted heart cells could then add to repairing deficient heart muscle. in the stem cell therapy Korea.

Analysts have as of now demonstrated that grown-up bone marrow cells guided to wind up heart-like cells can repair heart tissue in individuals, and more research is continuous and stem cell therapy Korea is also growing very fast.



Stem Cell Therapy Korea:

Fat Transplantation Features

  • MINE PLASTIC SURGERY CLINIC separates stem cells through specialized technology transfer from MEDIPOST stem cell therapy Korea.
  • MEDIPOST directly examines state of stem cells (cell, survival, aseptic condition), and issues cell test report.
  • Safe transplant is assured by the specialist in plastic surgery with rich experience and know-how.
  • As extra fat and stem cell for secondary surgery are stored in -196°C nitrogen tank through special programmed refrigeration, good effect can be obtained for secondary surgery.

Regular Fat Transplant VS MEDIPOST Stem Cell Fat Transplant


(Stem Cell Therapy Korea)

 Existing traditional fat transplantMINE's Stem Cell Therapy Korea Fat Transplant
Surgical methodTransplant only pure fat cellTransplant stem cell along with fat cell
Engrafting abilityLowHigh / Excellent blood vessel creation
EffectHigh liposuction rate / engrafting deteriorationFat engrafting promotion / blood vessel and collagen creation
Fat quantity to be transplantedUnnatural due to 2-3 times of fat transplant by low engrafting rateNatural by transplanting only necessary quantity because of high engrafting rate
Side effectMay show uneven skin or calcification phenomenon that makes solid fatNo side effect through even injection of minute size fat cell by each skin layer

Fat Transplant Procedure

Fat Transplant Application Area



For aged look due to sunken cheeks, such symptom can be improved through stem cell fat transplant. Change can be made with impression of when volumes are made on both cheeks

Jaw tip


To improve short chin, small chin, chin-less or side appearance, stem cell fat transplant is effective.  If young looking or elegant image is preferred, sophisticated line can be obtained by adjusting the length of jaw tip.



If there is no fat on cheeks, protruding cheekbone can create strong impression. In this case, through stem cell fat transplant, round and classy impression such as apple can be created without facial bone contouring surgery.



I-1 Stem Cell Volume image 1

For flat or winkled forehead, volume can be increase through stem cell fat transplant and with winkle improvement.



For forehead with relatively deep wrinkles, sunken area can be improved to give entirely young looking effect.



As glabella wrinkles can be shown as rough impression, transplant is performed, considering skin thickness such as forehead, nose bridge, and others.

Smile line


By improving protruding mouth due to smile line or sunken nose surroundings, young looking appearance can be created.

Skin Improvement


Stem cell therapy Korea is excellent for skin regeneration containing rich growth factor which promotes cell multiplication and collagen.



For scanty breast, prosthesis rejection is reduced through stem cell fat transplant, and natural breast with volume can be created.



Drooped and asymmetry buttocks can be highlighted, and skin elasticity is added by reproduction of stem cell, helping create a healthy body type.



Stem cell therapy Korea of MINE's fat grafting is possible on adding volume on thinned calves due to infantile paralysis and other injuries.


Fat Transplant Specialty

Fat engrafting rate is high.
High engrafting rate and maintaining period by injecting stem cell growth factor with fat

It is natural after surgery as only appropriate quantity needed for individual is used for fat transplant.

Smooth and elastic
Fine size fat is evenly injected by skin layer to prevent fat clustering, making it elastic and smooth.

Short period of recovery time
With delicate fat transplant through fine cannula, recovery period is minimized due to less swelling and contusion.


Fat Transplant Target

  • To have persisting face volume
  • Sunken or drooped face flesh and aged appearance
  • Concerned with side effect from surgery using prosthesis, filler, and others
  • To have young face effect with gentle face line
  • To improve facial line for angular and sharp impression, without bone surgery