Breast Reduction Surgery

When the breasts are extremely large in size, aside from cosmetic issues, physical and psychological problems may also occur.  Through breast reduction surgery, it is good to reduce breast size and correct breast ptosis (sagging breasts).

Breast Reduction Surgical Procedure

1. Breast Reduction Surgery using a Vertical Incision Method


This surgical method has been developed by supplementing the advantages and disadvantages of the Periareolar Incision and Inverted T Incision Methods, and is currently being used in many surgeries. This method can be applied to any breast size and the amount of scarring is much less than that of preexisting methods.  Because the incision line is small, the entire surgery time is shortened, and it is possible to create round and voluputuous breasts.  The results of the surgery are easily predicted and recovery is fast due to  little bleeding

2. Breast Reduction Surgery using a Periareolar Incision Method


Since scarring is limited to the circumference of the areola, this method leaves the least trace of a surgical procedure.  Because the pariareolar incision method cannot indefinitely reduce breast tissue, it is most effective for patients with moderately low hypermastia.  Therefore, it maintains natural shape and functioning while recovery is fast due to little bleeding.

3. Breast Reduction Surgery using an Inverted T Incision Method


The breast reduction surgery using an inverted T incision method is the most traditional method of breast reduction surgery and the most common method of practice.  It leaves an inverted T-shaped surgical line starting from the areola to the inframmary fold.  The results of the surgery are easily predicted, an extreme reduction is possible for patient's with very large breasts, the surgery time is short, and the surgery is also possible for patients with sagging breasts.

Breast Reduction Surgery Demographic

  • If the nipple falls below the inframammary fold
  • When the breasts are sagging due to pregnancy,
    childbirth, or weight loss
  • If you feel pain in the back or shoulders because of
    the weight of your breasts
  • In the case you feel severe mental stress because of
    your large breasts
  • If the breasts are asymmetrical in size
  • In the case where you are self-concsious about your breasts and socializing is difficult because of that. You feel as though people are constantly staring.