Square Jaw Reduction Surgery Korea

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Square Jaw Reduction Surgery Korea

This type of square jaw reduction surgery is done to reduce a big square face into a slim and slender V-line face

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Square jaw refers to square shape appearance when looking from front, and protruding angular jawbone underneath ear because of large size of lower jawbone and its angular shape. With square jaw reduction surgery, angular jawbone shape can be trimmed to make smooth looking jaw line.


Square Jaw Reduction Surgery Features

Long curved square jaw reduction + Corticotomy = Completion of small oval shape face

For existing Jaw Reduction surgery is a method to incise only mandibular angle, and effective in making side line as smooth oval shape, but with less oval shape effect when looking from front. By supplementing such problem, MINE Plastic Surgery Clinic's surgical team can create satisfactory oval shape face with side and front effect by performing long curved square jaw reduction and corticotomy simultaneously.


Square Jaw Reduction Surgery Method

Long curved square jaw reduction

Make overall jaw line smooth and natural by making long incision to bone for natural connection from mandibular angle to tip of jaw.


This is a surgical method of Jaw Reduction Surgery that increases effect of oval shape creation in the front by reducing of side thickness of jaw. By reducing thickness of outer cortical bone in bone structures comprised of three layers, the square jaw reduction surgery makes jaw line looking narrow from front side of view.

T-Shaped Osteotomy

This surgery is performed for square jaw reduction with wide jaw tip from front view, making a V line oval shape face by centering front jaw in T shape.


Square Jaw Reduction Surgery Target

  • Overly developed and large angular jaw
  • Overly fat lower jawbone and muscle
  • Asymmetrical and incomplete looking jaw
  • Wide and round lower jawbone