Welcome to MINE Plastic Surgery Clinic in South Korea

MINE Plastic Surgery Clinic provides best and affordable Best Plastic Surgery Hospital in Korea. With special care and through latest medical techniques, the MINE Plastic Surgery Clinic is doing their best to win patient’s confidence and satisfaction with best Plastic Surgeon in Korea. Being the Best Plastic Surgery Clinic in Korea we’re specialized in the fields, such as – Breast Surgery, Nose Surgery, Eye Surgery, Anti-aging, Body Contouring, Facial Contouring  etc. A patient wants constant effort and honest services; we value our patient’s demand. Let Best Korean Plastic Surgery Clinic medical staffs and Best Plastic Surgeon in Korea at MINE Plastic Surgery Clinic help you meet your needs.


We are a dedicated, exclusive Clinic, committed altogether and solely best Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. Every one of the Patients is worked only by Best Plastic Surgeon, from the earliest point till the end of the Surgery.


On account of the significance of Reconstruction, the Plastic Surgeon has vigorously added the qualified reconstructive to plastic surgery. As it were the Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon goes about as a help benefit for some Surgeons whose endeavours at repair have to fell short for whatever the reason.


Dream career, perfect family, social status and confidence boost – all these spin around the face and body Contour as close as conceivable to perfectness. Getting the perfect Beauty is not anymore only a fantasy, because of the significant decisions and openings that Plastic Surgery Technologies offer us in the present. Current Surgical Techniques can meet – partially or perfectly – the passionate and mental needs of Patients are on the rise. Plastic surgery and the cosmetic surgery is the better choice nowadays as it has grown tremendously with a blend of technology and innovated techniques in the medical industry

Cosmetics Surgery it’s a branch of Plastic Surgery. In the most recent decades, it picked up lots of enthusiasm from individuals everywhere throughout the world, who have perceived how an all around prepared aesthetic Surgeon can change in a fabulous model of their appearance.

Keeping in mind the end goal to acquire Excellency and Performance in this fragile and sensitive field, a number of the Surgeries done every day at the Mine Clinic is Limited so that we can centre for every individual outcome, with no weight identified with time and to get outstandingly comes about. You check at the before and after images of our happy patients, sentiments of world renown Surgeons from Abroad, identified with our outcomes.

The Mine Clinic is a private Plastic and Esthetics Surgery Clinic, where quality and demonstrable skill of the medicinal demonstration and the well-being of the Patients are the primary principles.

Hence, the Clinic meets all the world standards require and furthermore the ones specified by the Korean Medical Board of Association, being equipped with condition high-quality Equipment and Security and Monitoring Systems.

The year’s experience and training of our Surgeons in world best place, alongside the best Equipment, will promise you come to our extra quality with Best Plastic Surgery in Korea you usually expect from the European Union or the US, inside the distinctive territories of Plastic Surgeries.

The major options of treatment available at the Mine Clinic are:

  • Breast Surgery
  • Nose Surgery
  • Facial Contouring
  • Anti Aging
  • Liposuction
  • Dermatology
  • Stem Cell
  • Eye Surgery
  • Body Contouring, Etc


The Mine Clinic is one of the Best Korean Plastic Surgery Clinics that consolidates Sophistication with Modernity and Safety, not proposing a solution, but rather an impeccable Surgery, exact and utilitarian, for enhancing your face and outline. The after effects of best Plastic Surgeon have a worldwide acknowledgement and got accreditation from Surgeons considered being the best in the field of plastic surgery.