Calf Reshaping & Reduction Surgery Korea

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With this calf reshaping surgery, inner main branches that dominate gastrocnemius, a muscle located in outmost calf are found minutely using nerve search equipment, and muscles can be deteriorated by blocking nerve with high frequency. As only corresponding nerves are blocked with thermal energy and without muscle removal, natural and beautiful calf line can be highlighted through overall calf reduction surgery Korea of calf gastrocnemius (biceps).


Calf Reshaping Target

  • Overly developed calf biceps or asymmetric muscle
  • Has no effect only with calf reduction surgery liposuction
  • O shape legs correction
  • Fear of incision surgery or to have surgery without time constraint



Features of Calf Reshaping Surgery Korea

H-3 Calf Reshaping-features of calf reshaping model

Simply with no incision

Customers with calf reshaping surgery burden can have safe and beautiful leg line by changing to non-surgical procedure, and can undergo this procedure regardless of age and body type.


Long Term Effect

It can be complete with 1 time procedure, and reduction effect remains semi-permanently.


Detailed design with 1:1 customization

Safe and accurate meticulous analysis of patient’s body type, conditions of fat and muscles, and others, safe is conducted before starting this procedure. Because of smooth skin rather than uneven skin, more elastic and slim leg line correction is possible. An inner and outer calf becomes every thinner.


Optional muscle removal

Tissue damage is reduced, and only unnecessary muscle can be removed meticulously, along with skin drooping reduction. There are no side effect of other nerve, blood vessel, and muscle because only nerve is blocked, resulting in immediate adaptation to everyday life with almost no swelling, contusion, and pain.


Short Surgical Procedure

Calf reduction Surgery Korea is performed with sedation anesthesia, and the procedure is simple and takes about 30min. ~ 1hour.