Soft Flat & Lower Cartilage Nose Tip Surgery Korea

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Soft Lower

Nose Tip Surgery

It is possible to transform a low nose tip to a pointed and distinctly improved one. MINE's Soft Nose cartilage Plastic Surgery Rhinoplasty or Nose Tip Surgery considers the height and shape of the implant, from the start, to insert the implants creating a soft and natural-like nose. This nose tip surgery by adjusted by reshaping the soft nose cartilage which is usually a complex one. Nose tip surgery at Mine Clinic is operated by the best Rhinoplasty surgeon of Korea.

Soft Lower Nose Tip Surgery Features

1. The anti-piece insert to build or develop a harder phenomenon for each state of soft nose cartilage
2. Attach cartilage through surgery, to create a smooth, natural look
3. The overall shape of the tip is pointed and sharp
4. No concern of redness of the nose or the shape of the cartilage being apparent or noticeable
5. Harmonious co-completion ratio to fit the individual's face

Soft Lower Nose Tip Surgery Method


A non-open or open incision

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Secure space for the implant is positioned passed the outer  wing cartilage and cartilage of nose, just above the bone


Considering the extend and height of the protruding forehead, using the implant or autologus fit pieces to be perfect

The Nose Tip Surgery Korea - When is it Applicable?

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  • If the nose has a lacking visible impression and may look dull
  • If the overall length of the nose is short
  • If the nose is wide and low
  • If the bulb of the nose is fine, but if one has a low forehead
  • If the nose is bent, lower or flat