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Nose Surgery

If the nose looks like an arrowhead, the surgical approach used is to raise the end of the nose to shorten it. Arrow nose Surgery for longer noses and arrow-like noses are of higher difficulty among surgical nose cartilage correction. Therefore, it is recommended to receive arrow nose surgery from skilled specialists, with a wealth of experience and know-how.

Arrow Nose Surgery Features

1. Make a proper cut to the septal cartilage, position the wing cartilage in the nose upwards to create an overall length reduction
2. If the nasal septum cartilage down to excessive muscle developed to prevent recurrence of the excised muscle
3. Angle of the end of the nose which creates balance to the face
Arrow nose features

Soft long nose / Arrow Nose Surgery Methods

Wings Nasal Septum Cartilage Repair

If a part of the bridge of the nose is slightly protruding, it is possible using a correction mechanism, by just lowering the section, to have an effective result.

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Septum Repair

If the tip of the nasal septum cartilage is cut, the tip of the nose rotates upwards. Also, there moved cartilage can be implanted into the end of the nose, further rotating the wing cartilage upwards.

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The Surgery When Applicable

C-2 Soft Lower Nose Surgery when applicable-image 4
  • If the tip of the nose looks like an arrow nose and is sagging.
  • When the tip of the nose is shorter and the nostrils are greatly exposed, creating a snub-like nose.
  • If the nose is too short or long creating a non-proportional ratio with the face.