Breast Reconstruction Surgery Korea

Breast reconstruction surgery restores a woman's breast to a normal form by transplanting her own muscle and tissue in the case where she has lost her breast to breast cancer or an accident. With breast reconstruction surgery, it is important to restore both breasts to be equal while making them beautiful.  Therefore, it is very important to have a skilled specialist with lots of experience performing the surgery.


Autologous Transfer

Abdominal fat

The most common procedure being used in Korea for standard breast reconstruction is the autologous transfer of stretched out abdominal fat to restore the breast.  Because this method uses one's own abdominal fat, it allows for dual results, the removal of unwanted fat while simultaneously restoring the breast.


Back Fat

This procedure is suitable for patients who have less or not enough abdominal fat, or for patients who are concerned about scarring.  This method gathers skin, fat and muscle from the patient's own back and restores the breast.  Because the tissue that is allowed to be collected is thin, a prosthesis is used together in many cases.


Nipple/Areola Construction

When considering satisfactory results and aesthetic factors following breast reconstruction surgery, a surgery to create a nipple and areola is required.  There are many ways to reconstruct the nipple and areola, but normally the nipple is reconstructed using skin from different parts of the reconstructed breast and the areola uses a skin graft from the groin area. The nipple is sometimes also tattooed onto the areola.

Making the Nipple and the Areola_image 1
Making the Nipple and the Areola_image 2
Making the Nipple and the Areola_image 3
Making the Nipple and the Areola_image 4



When a prosthesis is used in breast reconstruction surgery the skin from the breast can remain and just the tissue can be removed, or in the case where the nipple is preserved, there is plenty enough skin left to insert a silicone pocket filled with either saline solution or silicone gel.  This method of surgery is used in the case where the patient has a thin frame and not enough of the patient's own tissue is available to reconstruct the breast.


Because a prosthesis needs to be inserted where the breast was lost, the tissue needs to be expanded to create enough space for the prosthesis. A prosthesis suitable to the patient is inserted 2-3 months after a tissue expander has been inserted under the chest muscles to expand and stretch out the skin.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery Demographic

B4 Breast Revision Surgery 6 image
  • If one or both breasts have been removed due to breast cancer
  • If a breast has been lost in an accident
  • In the case where the breasts are assymetrical following a mastectomy or lumpectomy
  • In the case where one was born without breasts