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Facial Contouring & Face Reduction Surgery Korea

Facial Contouring is giving shape to an area of the face and enhancing the facial structure mostly with face reduction surgery


Facial contouring/Face Reduction Surgery encompasses a number of different sculpting techniques used to create a more youthful look or improve the shape of facial features such as the nose, chin or ears. This is another type of elective plastic surgery and is normally used to assist in creating balance and harmony within your face with our specialised Korean face reduction surgery making a Korean Facial Contouring Before And After transformation.

To give you a beautiful face outline with Korean face reduction surgery, we have all kinds of Face Contouring Surgery Korea and you can also check the Korean Facial Contouring Surgery Before And After photos of our happy clients below.


Candidate For Facial Contouring Korea

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  • Adults of any age who have reached physical maturity and are not growing
  • Healthy individuals who do not have medical conditions that might impair healing or increase surgery risks
  • Individuals with positive and realistic goals can undergo facial contouring surgery Korea
  • Having a positive outlook and specific goals in mind for improvement of facial appearance with face reduction surgery.
  • Facial contouring surgery Korea can also be used with individuals who are in the process of moving from one sexuality to another.


Facial Contouring Surgery Before And After

Facial Contouring Before and After

  1. FACE CONTOURING SURGERY: Changing face bone structure for cosmetic purposes was something unimaginable 10 -15 years ago. It was mainly operated for the purpose of face reconstruction after a car accident. Perhaps, back then, correcting a square jaw was considered as the most revolutionary Korean face contouring cosmetic surgery. Other facial bone restructuring surgeries were simply unavailable. It was the South Korean plastic surgeons who made it possible. For the first time in the history of the world, cutting and reshaping facial bones have become commonplace in Korea and the doctors' expertise is now attracting a lot of international customers.
  1. FACE AUGMENTATION AND REDUCTION: The "Augmentation vs. Reduction" concept still holds true for facial bone contouring surgeries. In general, face augmentation is simpler than face reduction, and face reduction is the main reason for customers to fly to Korea. Since Korean Facial Contouring techniques are very advanced, it must be operated by excellent surgeons who have years of experience. Also, being regarded as once-in-a-life-time surgery, you won't be allowed to have it when your bone is not fully developed, (below 17 will be considered as too young) or when your bone is too weak (above 60). If you have been considering coming to Korea for facial bone surgery, you must be aware of the fact that even plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills are incapable of, or opposed to face contouring Surgery Korea due to lack of experience. Whether you are Asian or not, Korea will be the real destination for world's best face bone surgeries for years to come.
  1. WHY FACE CONTOURING IN KOREA IS SO POPULAR: It is mainly because of Korea's fantastic Advanced Face Contouring surgery. Indeed, face reduction and reshaping are the highlights of Korean cosmetic surgery, capturing attention from around the world. Korean plastic surgeons have been proud of the fact that plastic surgeons from around the world have come to Korea to learn the secrets of advanced Korean face contouring surgery. However, since this surgery requires the highest level of expertise, you must double and triple make sure everything is seamlessly arranged. Here are the most popular face contouring surgery Korea are:
  • Cheekbone Reduction
  • Chin Advancing Surgery
  • Jawbone Reduction
  • V-line Surgery
  • Double Jaw Surgery