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Feeling our confidence go down when standing next to someone who has larger breasts have we not all experienced this at least once in our lives ?


Ladies with "A" cup breasts


Who have worn padded bras to make your breasts appear even slightly larger.

Breast Augmentation

Should I? Shouldn't I?

At MINE, your breasts do the talking


Korean Breast Augmentation refers to the method of enlarging the shape of the breasts as well as the formation of balance with necessary reduction. Natural looking breasts with the perfect shape is the desire of many and gladly it is possible to reshape them effectively by the advancements of MINE Plastic Surgery Clinic’s aesthetic options of Breast Augmentation Korea. These methods help form fuller and balanced breasts that look stunning and totally go with the whole body shape.


Does the form of an equilateral triangle
appear in the shape of your breasts?

The ideal breast line ?

A large size is not the only characteristic for beautiful breasts!


When looking straight on, an equilateral triangle should be formed from the ceter of the collarbone to the nipples.  When looking from the side, the breasts should be aligned halfway between the shoulder and elbow.  This is the ideal placement for the breasts.

Beautiful breasts have a stunning round and full shape with high elasticity in the skin.

Are all surgical methods the same?

They are not all the same.

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Awarded #1 in the field of breast augmentation!

A plastic surgery clinic that excels in breast augmentation


Korean women who are known for their particularity and meticulousness were the first to acknowledge and approve of MINE!

Korean Breast Augmentation or Implantation
There are drooping breasts, there are too big in size breasts, there are imbalanced breasts, there are flat or too small in size breasts and there are breasts that need reconstruction after a disease or something like that. There are optimum procedures of Korean Breast Augmentation like lifting and implants that restore the lost volume of the breasts and there are reduction options where excessive or unbalanced size of the breasts is fixed.

MINE Clinic’s Breast Augmentation Korea experts ensure perfect breast surgeries that bring out the best results possible. Whichever patient is unhappy with the shape of their breasts, MINE Clinic brings a smile on their patient’s faces with satisfactory and optimal results. Korean Breast Augmentation increases the fullness of the breasts, fixes the projection, improves the proportions and makes the perfect balance overall. Korean Breast Augmentation of MINE Plastic Surgery Clinic has the whole package of methods that can be called as a perfectly combined sphere or category of aesthetic surgery for beautification.

Korean Breast Augmentation & Implants are especially-customized for meeting each patient’s desire in forming the perfect breast size, naturalness, volume and sheer safety on the whole. At MINE Clinic’s surgical team’s practice, Breast Augmentation Korea is one of the most demanding procedures because there are success stories of dramatic transformation of MINE’s patients who got enhanced appearance with total naturalness in breast lines and in feeling. The ultimate goal of MINE Clinic is to provide the patients the appearance they seek for and appearance that they truly deserve. In implant technology, MINE hits the leading edge by performing and resulting in the Breast Augmentation Korea cost and results.

In Korean Breast Augmentation, there are silicone implants, saline implants, Motiva implantation & endoscope breast surgery.

Korean Breast Augmentation


MINE Plastic Surgery

This is how we are different!


Through a trans-axillary incision method scarring is not visible!


Do you worry that scars from breast surgery will be visible when wearing bathing suits or sleeveless tops?


The area to reveal the least scarring is the armpit area and is achieved through trans-axillary incision breast augmentation surgery.  In comparison to other ethnicities, Asians have thicker skin tissue and a lower flow of blood circulation, creating higher chances of scarring.


However, with MINE's long-standing know-how, scarring fades with time and the incision line is no longer visible.  The most minimal incision of 3.3-3.6cm is made within the deepest line found in the armpit.



Removal of stitches is not required!

Are you worried about the pain involved in the removal of stitches?


                                Dissolvable stitches                  Skin glue

In the incision area, fine sutures are made in the subcutaneous fat layer under the skin with dissolving stitches.  On the surface of the skin, a harmless surgical glue is applied. You do not have to be worried about scarring from stitches or experience the pain resulting from the removal of stitches.

Showering is possible after 3 days



Peeling back without bleeding Without the risk of capsular contracture
Dry Pocket!

A drain is not needed after surgery.


With MINE's know-how, the area (pocket) in which the implant is being inserted can be peeled back without bleeding. If bleeding occurs during surgery, casamino acids (food for bacteria) may form, causing red blood cells to be destroyed, resulting in side effects such as a periprosthetic capsule (capsule of scar tissue) being formed and capsular contracture.  Therefore, MINE prevents the problem before it happens.As there is no bleeding, a drain does not have to be worn and bacteria coming in from outside of the body may be minimized.


All sensory nerves in the breasts are conserved!


It is upsetting to lose sensation in the breasts due to breast surgery


In the situation of placing implants that are large compared to one's body type (frame) and chest size, if peeling back behind the nerves is not done, because of damage to the nerves, sensation in the nipples may be damaged. At MINE, it is possible to have implants inserted, without damage to the nerves, by peeling back behind the nerves.

If peeling back behind the nerves?

Prevent nerve damage

Prevent implants from protruding from the sides of the chest

Create a larger and voluptuous chest



The fascia in this area can be preserved as is!


Endoscope photo of the fascia being well preserved



Endoscopic Trans-Axillary is possible for revision surgery!


Using an endoscope for revision surgery, the incision is made in the pre-existing incision area, therefore any new scarring will not exist.


In revision surgery, it is very important to have very clear visibility! Normally for revision surgery, incisions are either made in the breast fold (infra- mammary) or around the nipples (peri-areolar).  This is to remove the periprosthetic capsule (capsule of scar tissue) to deal with capsular contracture or to enlarge the area of implantation to readjust the position of the implant.


However, at MINE we are able to perform the revision surgery through Endoscopic Trans-axillary Augmentation.  For patients who had originally received their surgery through this method, the incision is made in the same area as the first incision so there is no secondary scarring.


For breast augmentation surgery, the trans-axillary augmentation is a highly technical surgery and therefore it is MINE's pride surgery.

For breast augmentation, MINE Plastic Surgery's know-how in using an endoscope is excellent and can be considered a weakness in the trans-axillary surgery as there is no difficulty in seeing clearly with its use.

A lady with glam dreams cannot live a life with an unsexy appearance and it is not for the world, it is for her very own self. Whenever she looks into the mirror she wants a reflection that she loves, that makes her feel confident and happy. Nobody should change what god has bestowed upon them, but a little sprinkle or fixation is needed for the body just like motivation that we need for our minds. Call us to get the best Breast Augmentation Korea cost Today!

In Korean Breast Augmentation, there are cases where the breasts are sagging or uneven and it causes health issues and it is even caused by health issues sometimes. There are different types of incision methods to solve these cases efficiently and to form beautiful breast lines.

Korean Breast Augmentation

There are some of the exemplary transformation below made possible by the Korean Breast Augmentation Surgeons of MINE Clinic:


MINE's Breast Augmentation After Care

MINE runs a very careful and thorough after care system to prevent unwanted side effects such as capsular contracture, movement of implants, change in shape and other possible side effects.




Assists in a speedy recovery and lowers risk of capsular contracture


High Frequency


Expedites blood and lymph circulation following surgery and reduces edema and inflammation, preventing capsular contracture.




Checks for abnormalities in the prosthesis and prevent movement, rupturing of the prosthesis


Scar Laser


Using a laser, the incision area is focused on to heal scarring

Breast Augmentation

VS Breast Fat Grafting


Lifting even the spirit with your breasts. MINE can create something out of nothing! MINE's Breast Augmentation surgeries can change a flat or sagging chest into a sudden C cup or D cup!

Which method is best suited for me?


♥  The advanced & effective methods of Korean Breast Augmentation in MINE Clinic is bringing smiles to the patients' faces & boosting up self-esteem of them. ♥

Korean Breast Augmentation

The success rate of Korean Breast Augmentation in MINE Clinic is incredibly high, safety is cent-percent assured and the reviews given by the happy patients are completely positive and something to take pride.

Do not let your
breasts upset you.

With MINE you will be confident and
achieve spectacular breasts.