Short Nose Rhinoplasty Surgery Korea

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Nose Surgery

Short Nose Rhinoplasty is when the nose is short, and when lifted and viewed from the front, the nostrils are very visible. In this case, the nose can often be called a snub. As the short nose surgery to correct a short nose is of higher difficulty, to get satisfactory results, it is important to have a highly experienced surgeon.

Short Nose Surgery Features

1. Smoothing a sharp and pointy arrow-like nose
2. Creating a softer overall image
3. A satisfactory line for both the bridge and end of the nose

Short Nose Surgery Methods


In the case where, in the end of the nose, the wing cartilage is raised, which creates the end of the nose to look raised as well, the top of the wing cartilage is trimmed and fixed lower to create a longer appearance.

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If you are still lacking the length in the nose desired after cartilage repair, with the nose cartilage transplantation, we can increase the length more by adding septal cartilage between the bone and wing cartilage. In this situation, the cartilage that is mainly used is the nasal septum cartilage in the cartilage ransplantation.

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Cartilage + Cartilage Graft Angioplasty + Rhinoplasty Operation

If after the repairing of cartilage and cartilage grafting, you would like to raise the bridge and end of the nose, we can do so by Rhinoplasty. At this time, an implant is inserted into the bridge of the nose and the cartilage mainly used for the end of the nose is cartilage from the ear.

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The Surgery When Applicable

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  • If your nose is short and the tip of the nose is raised.
  • If, when viewed from the front, the nostrils are very visible even though the length of the nose is normal.
  • If, after implant surgery, the nose looks like a "snub" nose.