Facelift without Surgery


Facelift surgery is the most preferred method for getting a facelift done. However, there are many instances where medical conditions, charges or personal preferences rules out a surgical procedure. There are lots of potential clients who would rather opt for non-invasive forms of facelift procedures. Plenty of the non-invasive facelift without surgery procedures tends to have fewer side effects and lower downtime. Some of these procedures can be done within an hour with minimal sedation. It’s advisable to always look for a procedure with some lifting of the SMAS rather than skin lift alone.


Who Qualifies For A Facelift ?

There are a number of patients who can be considered candidates for a non-surgical facelift or facelift without surgery. First, it’s those with pre-existing conditions that make a surgery a risky option. There are also those whose skin takes an inordinately long period to heal. Thirdly are those who have a little downtime and need to heal fast. Fourthly there are those who simply find surgical facelift to be intrusive. Lastly, there are those who have undergone previous facial treatments that have left their financial muscles, bones, and ligaments weak.


Non-Surgical Procedures

There are many non-surgical facelift options available for those who want non-invasive facelift procedures or a facelift without surgery. These include injections of botulinum toxin type A, laser therapy, and skin care products. One of the most popular nonsurgical facelift or facelift without surgery options is the use of injectable soft tissue fillers, called cosmetic fillers or dermal. Fillers are the most common and available options of facelift without surgery though they are temporary. The most common side effects are mild swelling, bruising, or redness.


Conventional Facelift Procedures

As you age, your lips grow thinner, and they may need an injection to restore their fullness. This enhancement may last for about six months. The second common facelift without surgery or non-invasive procedure need is lifting of the eyes and the brows followed by plumping of cheeks as a means of adding volume to your face. The others are smoothening the lines around the mouth, and freshening up your forehead.