Breast Revision Surgery Korea

Breast revision surgery is normally required due to more than one factor. Shape, asymmetry, and capsular contracture are often the complex causes. Therefore, it is important to address the dissatisfaction of the previous surgery through a full consultation at the time of reoperation. Because breast revision surgery can be difficult the second time around, it is important that a surgical specialist with a higher level of experience does the secondary surgery.

The level of difficulty


of a revision surgery is higher than that of the first surgery.


The level of difficulty in revision surgery is higher because, in many cases, the cause for the surgery is not just for one reason, but for many complex reasons such as shape, asymmetry, capsular contracture, etc. For this reason, through plenty of consultation, the unsatisfactory results are accurately understood and it is very important to receive the surgery from a highly skilled and experienced specialist.


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The reason why MINE's Breast

Revision Surgery is Special


Breast revision surgery, Are you holding back because of scarring or pain?

Was your first surgery through an incision in the armpit (trans-axillary incision)? We are able to perform the revision surgery through an incision in the armpit using an endoscope.


If the incision area is too large or the scar is visible, it can be difficult to deal with.To minimize worry of scarring, MINE performs the revision surgery through Endoscopic Trans-axillary Augmentation.  Through this method, the incision is made in the same area as the first incision so there is no secondary scarring.  Following surgery, you may feel relief as we also operate a scar management system!


< Armpit scar 3 months after revision surgery >



Why is it difficult to make an incision in the armpit (trans-axillary incision) during revision surgery? Visibility must be extremely clear during revision surgery!


Normally revision surgeries are performed using a peri-areolar or inframammary fold incision because, to prevent capsular contracture, the periprosthetic capsule (capsule of scar tissue) may be removed, the space for the prosthesis may need to be increased, or the location of the prosthesis may need to be adjusted. However, at MINE we are able to perform the revision surgery through Endoscopic Trans-axillary Augmentation.  For patients who had originally received their surgery through this method, the incision is made in the same area as the first incision so there is no secondary scarring.


Reasons behind breast revision surgery


When the location of the implants change, from the position they were originally placed in, the implants may be removed and replaced with something different in Breast revision surgery. The implant is primarily removed through the armpit or, if the patient has severely thick skin, an incision is made in the areola or underneath the breast.


If the breast tissue is lacking and the skin is thin, it is possible to see the inserted rounded implants causing a rippling effect. In order to fix this, we exchange the round implants for water droplet shaped implants and add excess fat to the area with Breast revision surgery.


The implants can move down, up, right, and left. To fix this, we remove the implants and readjust the location of where the implants were paced.


If the breast sizes are different and look asymmetrical, figure out what the problem is and carry on with the breast revision surgery.


After the surgery, if you are unsatisfied with the size or the placement of the implants, you can exchange the size or re-locate the implants with Breast Revision Surgery.


The periprosthetic capsule (capsule of scar tissue), the cause of the most typical side effect of breast augmentation, capsular contracture!


The periprosthetic capsule (capsule of scar tissue) forms when a prosthesis enters the body.  Without the removal of the periprosthetic capsule, a natural form and feel is difficult to achieve and the probability of capsular contracture occuring after revision surgery quadruples. At MINE, in the case where the trans-axillary incision is used, an endoscope is used to delicately peel back and remove  the perisprosthetic capsule.


<Grade 1 Capsule>


<Grade 2 Capsule>

① If the periprosthetic capsule (capsule of scar tissue) surrounding the prosthetic thickens, it may cause a change in shape and cause pain

② If capsular contracture occurs, the prosthesis clumps up like a ball and the extra membranes surroundng the prosthesis develop wrinkles and are damaged.

MINE's trans-axillary incision


breast augmentation revision surgery know-how


① Method of inserting the prosthesis above the periprosthetic capsule(capsule of scar tissue)


periprosthetic capsule (capsule of scar tissue) left as is, remove the existing prosthesis

Insert the existing or a new prosthesis after peeling back a new space above the periprosthetic capsule (capsule of scar tissue)

② Method to insert the prosthesis after removing the periprosthetic capsule (capsule of scar tissue)


Trans-axillary incision

endoscopic detachment


Remove both the prosthesis and the periprosthetic capsule (capsule of scar tissue)

Insert the new prosthesis


MINE's exceptional technical skill to remove the periprosthetic capsule (capsule of scar tissue)


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MINE Plastic Surgery


  • When making cuts into the periprosthetic capsule (capsule of scar tissue), heat damage can occur at the same time, causing a fill up of discharge.
  • Because the periprosthetic capsule(capsule of scar tissue) is not entirely removed, the shape and feel is unnatural.
  • Because pieces of the periprosthetic capsule (capsule of scar tissue) remain, the revision of the location of the prosthesis implantation is difficult.
  • The degree of difficulty of the surgery is high.
  • It is necessary for a surgeon who is highly experienced to perform the surgery.


  • It takes less time
  • The degree of difficulty of the surgery is low.
  • Because the entire periprosthetic capsule (capsule of scar tissue) is removed, a space to insert the prosthesis is perfectly secured.
  • The shape and feel is natural and satisfaction is high.

Precautions for MINE Breast Revision Surgery

- Breast revision surgery is possible 6 months after your initial surgery.

- The length of the revision surgery is normally longer than the initial surgery.  The length of time may increase if there is unexpected bleeding or the discovery of strong scar tissue.

Suitable Candidate for Breast Revision Surgery

B4 Breast Revision Surgery 6 image
  • The implants do not suit your physical appearance.
  • You want to exchange the implant size to a larger or smaller one.
  • The implant moves, or you do not like the placement
  • A capsular conjuncture occurs and the breast becomes stiff
  • If you are not pregnant or breast feeding you may be a good candidate of breast revision surgery
  • If you want to remove or not happy with the transplants and wants to get rid permanently, you may opt breast revision surgery