Facial Bone Contouring Surgery Korea

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Facial Bone Contouring

Facial Bone Contouring Surgery Korea that corrects facial line

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Pretty face shape can be achieved through surgery considering overall harmony and balance of your ears, eyes, mouth, nose and face. Facial bone contouring of MINE Plastic Surgery creates beautiful face line with correctional surgery considering not only overall harmony and balance of face, but also muscle, fat layer, and actual face to be transformed, instead of just facial skeleton downscaling.



Systematic Analysis Using 3D-CT & 3D Scanner

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Safe and accurate surgery can be performed by figuring out precise contour structure such as facial skeleton, facial nerve and others through 3D-CT and with possible prediction of surgery result using 3D scanner.


Measuring Change In Actual Face To Be Transformed After Facial Bone Contouring Surgery

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Overall face feature can be shown after surgery, not facial skeleton. With facial bone contouring, as surgery is performed after measuring facial skeleton as well as facial change to be made, more pretty and natural facial line will be complete.


Beautiful Face Golden Ratio

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Golden ratio 1: 1: 1 from the hair line to eyebrow, eyebrow to nose tip, and nose tip to chin would be the most harmonious face. The 1:1:0.8 of proportion is considered to be the most ideal for beautiful face. Lastly, it is more preferred since the surgery for beautiful face is a trend. Short chin makes the lower face look inner than the mid face and it makes look younger. Everyone wants to be younger and especially Asian think a little bit short chin is more feminine face. This kind of people who has the golden ratio looks still younger when they are old.



Facial Bone Contouring Target

  • Relatively protruding cheekbone
  • Relatively protruding chin (square jaw, lantern jaw, and others)
  • Relatively bigger face compared with ears, eyes, mouth, nose and face, and angular facial line or with asymmetry
  • Overly developed or undersized skeleton