Jaw Reduction Surgery Korea

Sometimes mistaken as facial contouring surgery, jaw reduction surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in South Korea since it helps you achieve the perfect oval face.

Through the jaw reduction surgery, you can shape your jaw to look more soft and rounded, giving you a much younger look. Not only that, unlike more invasive cosmetic procedures, this one is actually way more simple and less invasive on the patient.

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Everything you need to know about Jaw Reduction Surgery

The Jaw reduction surgery is a cosmetic procedure done by shaving down the jaw bones with the intention of creating a slimmer and aesthetically pleasing face shape, specifically an oval shape, which is considered by beauty standards “The perfect face shape”

The surgery is done by a creating a small incision in the inside of the mouth to then proceed to shave down, remove the excess bone and tighten up the loose skin to achieve the perfect face.

This particular cosmetic surgery focuses both on the jaw and even on the chin area, meaning they shave and carve your face to really give you the perfect shape.

The surgery, although it sounds complicated, it isn’t. The whole procedure takes about 60 minutes and it requires only one day of hospitalization, after that, you are allowed to go home. The recovery time is also very short, taking about two to seven days to properly heal.


Why you should get the jaw reduction surgery

If you have a very square face, with very strong features and prominent chin, then this surgery is, without a doubt, your best option to achieve a more soft-looking face.

Through the jaw reduction surgery, you will be able to get a more oval, smooth face shape that actually compliments your features and makes you look amazing, all without having to go through the pain of a very invasive surgery.

This cosmetic procedure allows you to get a more slim face, achieving a softer appearance in just a matter of hours. And the very best part is that, unlike face fillers, you only have to get it done once since the results are totally permanent.