Revision Facial Contouring Surgery In Korea

Many people do not like the facial structure of themselves and as a result some of them go for facial contouring surgery. But as facial contouring is a very complex procedure it may not be completely successful if it is done by non experienced doctors.

Due to that patients may not achieve their desired results, there might be asymmetry, saggy skin, under corrected results, implants that might look unnatural, different functional problems such as problem when chewing food or grinding teeth while chewing. These may cause patients to think about revision face contouring surgery.

It is a matter of fact that a patient must wait at least for 6 months or so before coming for a facial countering revision surgery.

Steps for facial contouring revision surgery:

  1. Face to face consultation: A face to face consultation with a board certified and experienced plastic surgeon is the first step taken for face contouring revision surgery
  2. Face analysis: Doctor might analyze your face for identification of problems with the first surgery and probably get a 3D CT SCAN for proper understanding of facial bone condition.
  3. Action Plan: After face to face consultation doctor will re analyze your photos, scans and other medical history and make an action plan to do the surgery
  4. Surgery: The doctor might operate on the same day or a day after the face to face consultation depending on his schedule.

Post surgery recovery:

Recovery after surgery might take around 10-14 days depending on the complexity of the revision surgery. After surgery you will be given some pain medication to manage the pain. Most people might need pain medication for only 4-5 days after surgery.

Outcomes of the surgery:

The outcomes of the surgery with a board certified surgeon is 99% time positive if you keep realistic expectations. The doctor might tell you during the face to face consultation about the degree of change that is possible after your unsatisfactory initial surgery. With proper post surgery care and follow up patients might be able to achieve the desired results after revision surgery.

Before and After Surgery

Before and after surgery

Deviated Nose Correction For Achieving A Perfect Nose

What is a Deviated nose?

A deviated nose is a type of disorder that occurs where the bone that divides the nose into two equal parts is not straight or crooked. It can happen due to many reasons such as birth defect or trauma to the nose.


Normal Nose VS Deviated Nose


Problems of deviated nose:

There are some problems that can cause medical complications in case of a deviated nose. They are as follow:

  • Breathing problems
  • Repeated sinus infection
  • Nasal congestion
  • Nose Bleed
  • Headache
  • Snoring
  • Sleep Apnea


If the problems are not very severe, it can be treated with medication but sometimes it might need surgery if the problems continue to persist.

Deviated nose correction:

Deviates nose surgery is done in an open method. Doctor will make an incision along the nose to open the crooked septum and cut the crooked portions of the bone and remove it to straighten the septum and closing the wound with suture. The procedure may take 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending on how complicated your case is.


Recovery after surgery

The recovery after surgery is not very painful. You may feel some pain for a few days after surgery but doctor will give you some pain medication and a few instructions to follow. If you maintain them you should make a full recovery very quickly.

The total recovery takes approximately 7-10 days with stitches removal. Swelling should go down in 5 days. For some people might take a few more days to recover. Depending on person to person it may vary. Doctor might suggest you antibiotics to make sure you do not have infection.


Signs of infection to look for:

In spite of strictly maintaining sterile environment and precautions some people might get infection. If proper steps taken on time full recovery is possible. Contact hospital immediately if following things happen.

  • You have increased breathing problem after surgery
  • Swelling that is increasing
  • Bleeding, redness and rashes around stitches.
  • Pus draining from stitches area
  • Increased pain and fever despite medication.


Before And After


Before and After Surgery


Before and After Surgery

Why Go For Stem Cell Fat Graft


Importance of stem cell fat graft

Aging is a continuous process. It can’t be changed in any way. But the signs of aging can be reduced up to a certain extent. It can be done with stem cell fat graft.


What is stem cell fat graft?

Stem cells are integral part of human body. Known for its regenerative properties, stem cell can be used to regenerate healthy and youthful skin. Stem cell can be used along side with own body fat for fat grafting which is a well known anti aging treatment. Because with age peoples skin loses its volume and looks dull. Stem cell Fat graft can make skin look younger again as stem cell boosts collagen which is responsible for making your skin look younger and glowing.


Stem cell collection:

Stem cell can be collected from a variety of sources such as from blood or from bone marrow. For anti aging solutions doctors usually take stem cell from blood. At first doctors take fat from body by liposuction and purify the fat Using lipo kit. After pure fat is extracted doctors extract stem cell from blood using a machine and mix it with pure fat and using an injection injects the fat on areas of your face where the skin is droopy or lost volume.


Stem Cell collection process


How stem cell fat graft works in your body:

Once injected stem cell starts rebuilding the cologne and the fat helps the skin get back its lost volume to ensure perfect result of the treatment.



Problem Areas :

Areas Covered :

There are many areas where fat graft works like magic. It usually covers the following areas.

  • Cheek
  • Cheekbones
  • Forehead
  • Jaw tip
  • Nosalabial fold
  • Gabriella Line
  • Smile line


For those who want breast augmentation but not breast implant stem cell fat graft can be a great option for them as well. It also gives Breasts natural firmness.

Stem cell fat graft are best non invasive anti aging solutions without a doubt.  It is a revolutionary treatment that has unique qualities that can help skin regenerate and make your skin look younger again.



Result after treatment

What To Consider Before Breast Fat Graft


For any women their breasts are very important to them.  If breasts are too small than it can affect their clothing and self confidence. That is why some women tend to go for Breast augmentation. But they might not want implant. In that case they can go for breast fat graft.


Who are perfect candidates?

  • Who doesn’t want implants and want natural looking breast.
  • Wants to go up only half or one cup size
  • Who doesn’t want scars
  • Asymmetry breasts due to breastfeeding


Why consider breast fat graft:

Breast fat graft is done with your own body fat. It has less chances of rejection. Besides it is done with injection and there will be no visible scar on your breasts. It is much safer than implants as it doesn’t have any chances of rupturing inside the body. It looks much more natural than breast implant.


Technique used:

In breast fat graft doctor will take fat from your abdomen/ thigh/ butt via liposuction and purify the fat using a machine. After purification doctor will transfer it to your breasts Using injection. If the patient is underweight the doctor might tell her to gain some weight to get adequate amount of fat to transfer to your breasts.


Surgery Outcome:

Breast fat graft result can be seen immediately after surgery. But it is a matter of fact that after 6 months or so only 70-80% fat remains in your breasts. That is why the doctors recommend having a touchup fat graft to make sure the fat remains for lifetime. Some people may need it and some may not need it. Depending on condition doctors suggest if second fat graft is necessary.  With proper diet and maintenance breast fat graft remains perfectly unless the patient goes through any major weight loss after fat graft.


Is it painful?

Many people might avoid surgery due to fear of pain but the procedure is actually not very painful. Doctor might give you mild pain medication


Before and After


Water Drop Endoscopic Breast Surgery in Korea

Factors to know about Breast Implant


If you are looking for a breast surgery procedure that isn’t invasive and actually makes your breasts look fully yet completely natural, then the water drop endoscopic breast surgery in Korea is the one for you.


This particular surgery allows you to achieve that natural looking set of breast you’ve always wanted, without having to go through the trauma of regular breast surgery.

It’s relative quick, easy, and it is done so your breast have this natural form and shape to it, completely different from the regular breast implants.


What is Water Drop Endoscopic Breast Surgery.

This procedure is a breast surgery in which the breast implant has the form of a water drop, that mimics the already natural form of the breast, being fuller on the bottom than on top.

Unlike the round breast implants, this surgery isn’t invasie and doesn’t require big cuts. Actually, the whole procedure is done by a tiny incision made near the breast, leaving zero to none scars afterwards.

The idea is that the water drop breast implant goes in as smoothly as possible, properly adjusting to your natural breast, and sits there without having to tear up the skin around the chest.

Thanks to this amazing procedure, not only can you achieve a way more fuller and natural looking breast, in which the implant follows the curve of your breast, but you can do it without having to deal with major scars problem later on.


Why you should definitely try the water drop endoscopic breast surgery.

  1. It achieves a more natural look: Rounded breast implants make the whole chest look fuller and bigger, while the water drop breast implants follow along the natural shape of the breast, being smooth on the top and fuller on the bottom with perky nipples.
  2. It is less invasive: Since the surgery is done by an incision near the chest area (in the axilla, in the areola, or under the breast) there are almost no ripping of the skin or muscle at all.
  3. It is less damaging: Breast surgeries that include rounded breast implants often cause damage on the muscles on your chest, with the water drop endoscopic breast surgery, there is no risk of this happening.

Cheekbone Reduction Surgery – MINE Plastic Surgery Clinic

No one is born to look same yet even in those differences, everyone is pretty in their own way. But there are people who find themselves to be different and not acceptable by the society because they just do not fall under the category of beautiful. Some have crooked nose while other complain of high cheekbones, either way they think some of their facial features just do not go well along with their look and so search for ways to alter them.

The need and desire to appear beautiful and change the way you look has led to the increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery, a procedure which has not only helped many in changing their lives for the better but also made pretty face uglier. It all depends on your body’s requirement and the skills of the surgeon that can make your surgery a success.

  • Cheekbone reduction surgery

Those who think their face is too chubby or cheeks are saggy, sometime simple methods like dieting and exercising may not help them in contouring their face. If the loose skin on the face looks weird and needs tightening than cheekbone reduction surgery is what can help you. The Mine Clinic expertise in conduction successful surgeries where the cheek plastic surgery before and after results can easily be distinguished. The cosmetic surgeons there are extremely skilled and hold experience of many years which make them highly compatible and reliable sources. So if you want to alter the way you look, reach out to the surgeons at The Mine Clinic and enjoy fantastic results.

  • The procedure

Remember before undergoing any cosmetic procedure, the surgeon will run multiple tests to ensure you are a viable candidate for it with no medical issues. Once declared right, the treatment plan will be designed out and so will the doctor proceed. The patient is sedated and once unconscious; incisions are made around the cheekbone. Layers of tissues and muscles are removed to get access to the bone underneath and once there, the doctor removes extra cartilage or skin as per the patient’s requirement. When the cosmetic surgeon is done with one cheek, the incision is closed up and the same process is repeated for the other side.

After the surgery has been successfully completed, the patient is shifted for recovery which can take up to a few weeks. After the procedure, you may experience scarring, swelling and pain in that area but all will subside as the times passes by. In case of bleeding or other severe symptoms, it is always advisable to visit your doctor for a checkup, but if the surgery has been conducted by the experts at The Mine Clinic, you’ll be least worried about the healing process as the results will always be guaranteed and as expected by you.

  • Conclusion

Cheekbone reduction surgery has become quite common now a days because in a race to look beautiful, everyone is trying to desperately to win even if it means to go for multiple surgeries.

Abdomen Liposuction: Tummy tuck in Korea

Obesity is not just the problem of the west. Thanks to the renowned fast food chains spreading their roots around the world, Asian countries too are battling with this serious problem. Amongst all, Korea is one of the Asian countries where the cases of obesity are on the rise, making the younger generation lethargic and lazy.

Obesity is a serious illness which needs to be controlled and treated. Inactive lifestyle and poor eating habits are most commons reasons that give way to this problem and so it is important to treat it on time otherwise it can become life threatening. Irrespective of the hard work you put in to lose, there are some fats deposits which are hard to get rid of. Some people complain of a lose tummy while others are embarrassed of their heavy calves, either way if dieting and exercising has failed you completely, calf reshaping surgery liposuction is one method that can help you.

  • Tummy tuck in Korea

Korea is now considered as the hub of cosmetic surgeries with the best known hospital in the world. One of them is The Mine Clinic which is popular because of its amazing and highly skilled doctors. If months of hard work and starving has still hasn’t helped you in losing weight than abdominal liposuction at The Mine Clinic can help you get back in shape. This clinic uses latest technology to get rid of excess fat so that you can enjoy the new transformation and that too in minimum cost.

  • Abdomen liposuction: Procedure, cost and recovery

Abdomen liposuction is definitely a major surgery and only after complete evaluation of the patient do the surgeons design the treatment plan. The traditional method of tummy tuck includes sedating the patient and than putting incisions around the abdomen. Using special tools the surgeon makes his way through layers of tissues and muscles to gain excess to the fat deposits, once there, newest equipments are used to scrap of the fat and once done, the patient is stitched up and sent for recovery.

Tummy tuck in Korea is on the rise and this is because places like The Mine Clinic charge minimum for cosmetic procedures unlike other hospitals where the charges of surgeries cannot be afforded by everyone.  But even with less cost, the doctors at The Mine Clinic are great at handling the cases and have numerous success stories to their name. Abdomen liposuction can be carried in many different ways but only after the examination of the patient’s health does the surgeon plan out the treatment which will help achieve the best results.

  • Conclusion

More and more people are heading towards Korean clinics on a desperate attempt to lose weight. Before obesity pulls you down, better find alternative methods to get rid of that stubborn fat and achieve a body that you always wished for, flaunting the six packs with pride. Reach out to The Mine Clinic and enjoy guaranteed results at the hands of experienced surgeons.

Breast Lifting Surgery – Impossible is nothing

Living in a world that bows down to beauty, having an “imperfect” body is no less than a crime. As for women, men symbolize them as “sex items” and look upon their body with greed. The bigger their breasts are and the thinner the waist is, such a woman is considered as the most beautiful amongst all the others.

But not everyone on this planet is born beautiful. There are many men and women who spend their entire life in becoming a person who is far away from their true identity just to fit into this cruel society and be called upon as “gorgeous” or “stunning”. And so this is the biggest reason why many women are going under the knife, risking their lives just to alter their looks, get bigger through breast lifting surgery so that they can be “popular” amongst the male population.

  • Breast life surgery

Breast lift surgery or more commonly known as breast augmentation surgery is a surgical method of increasing the cup size. The procedure may not be simple but many women undergo the long process to gain quick results that contributes in enhancing their body and looks. But to gain the best results, it is important to seek an advice of a true professional who hold a vast experience in this filed, or things can go unexpectedly wrong.

If you think your breasts should be bigger than their existing size then breast lift surgery is a great option. There are many clinics that provide this surgery but amongst all these, The Mine Clinic promises to serve with the best results. The doctors here are experts in this area and only after examination do they plan out the procedure.

  • How is it done?

Breast lifting surgery is no different than an average surgery. The patient is sedated and while they are in deep sleep, the surgeon marks incisions below the breasts to reveal the tissues beneath. Once they reach the desired area, silicone implants are placed inside and the patient is stitched back and sent for recovery. Why do women usually go for this procedure? It is because with diet and exercise only, it is impossible to increase the size of the breasts whereas this surgery can give quick results if done right.

  • Seeking expert help

The Mine clinic is one place that will guide you in the right direction. The skilled surgeons here have conducted hundreds of breast lift surgeries in their career and so now what is best for their patient. To ensure you get the best and quick results, the surgeons at The Mine Clinic use latest technology and equipment to carry out the procedure. Not only is the surgical procedure done under great supervision but this clinic provides full attention and care to their patients as well so that the post-operation recovery can be quick and pain-free.

So those of you ladies who are unhappy with their bodies, go for breast augmentation from The Mine Clinic and enjoy this transformation in minimum cost.

Motiva Breast Surgery – MINE Plastic Surgery Clinic

Breast augmentation or lifting surgery has become quite common in the present and due to its increasing demand, new technology has been introduced to make the procedure safer and long lasting. Previously, simple silicone implants were used for breast lifting surgery but with the advancement in technology, Motiva breast implants are taking over with success, making each surgery risk-free with long lasting results.


Motiva Breast Surgery clinics


  • Benefits of Motiva Breast surgery

The latest technique of breast augmentation uses Motiva breast implants which use silicones gel for long lasting elasticity and durability. Even better is that, when using this during the surgery helps the surgeons in making smaller incisions to fit in the pads, leading to less scarring and longer, durable results. Using the intermolecular bonding integration, these implants are created to maintain the natural shape and texture of the breasts with ensured softness.

What makes it even a better choice is the Motiva breast implants come with UDI that aids the surgeons in keeping an eye on the patients and their current statuses that increases reliability and durability of this product.

  • Procedure and implantation technique

Motiva breast surgery is no different than the normal breast augmentation. The only difference is that because of these latest implants, the incisions made at the surgical site are smaller as compared to the average surgeries, which reduces the chances of scarring with better results. The Mine Clinic is one of the best places to opt for breast augmentation as they now use these newest implants for long lasting results.

The cosmetic surgeons here are highly skilled and expert and only after complete evaluations do they start with the work. The patient is sedated and then multiple, small incisions are made to get excess to the tissues lying under the skin. Through these marks, the Motiva breast implants are fitted into the place and the patient is stitched up and sent for recovery.

The technique used in creating this newest implant is what makes it amazing. If you have recently gone through Motiva breast surgery then you’ll observe a huge difference in the results. This method gives your breasts a more realistic look so no one can actually find out if you have undergone the knife to enhance your cup size. These implants are soft so anywhere in the future, you won’t feel uncomfortable because of these silicone pads and the long lasting durability makes them highly reliable.


  • High reliability and brilliant results

Going under the knife is no joke and so one would want to gain amazing results in the first try. The Mine Clinic makes sure that every step is done with perfection so that you can enjoy your new body without having to worry about the results vanishing in just a short time. Motiva breast surgery has promising results and so that is why more and more ladies and surgeon are opting for this technique. At The Mine Clinic, this procedure is done in a budget that suits your wallet without compromising on the results.

Factors to know about Breast Implant

One of the inquiries on the psyche of women experiencing breast enlargement is “when will my new breasts with implants feel ordinary?” we ask my patients in follow-up visits when they feel that their implants are a piece of their body. This is the time when they quit considering them new implants and begin considering them their breasts. There are great deals of variables that can affect this. What’s more, there is a positive mental angle also, which manages changes in body picture and how rapidly somebody will adjust to this. Be that as it may since we are not a therapist let us discuss a portion of the physical components that can influence this.


Factors to know about Breast Implant


Silicone versus saline
As silicone implants are innately gentler, they will tend to feel more “typical” sooner than saline. It is not necessarily the case that saline implants won’t feel average, yet it might take somewhat more, particularly if the implants are riding rather high, as saline implants regularly do. The viscosity of the silicone implants is the thing that truly affects, and we may dare to state that silicone implants will dependably feel more typical than saline implants. When you grasp each implant, you can value the distinction. This is the reason more than 80% of my patients pick silicone.


Above or inside the Muscle

Not every person is a possibility to have implants set over the chest muscle. For the individuals who have enough natural breast tissue to cover the implants and not require the muscle as delicate tissue scope, the implants will feel more ordinary sooner. These is because the muscle does not should be extended. Additionally, you will be less mindful of the implants when you contract your chest muscles on the off chance that they are to finish everything. Since when you do utilise your pectoral muscles, they will marginally change the shape of the implant/breast as the muscle pushes down on them. This leaves instantly when the muscle is casual and does not represent a long haul issue, but rather a few women may see this.

When chatting with patients about putting the implants over the muscle, many are astonished and suspected that implants ought to dependably be sub-muscular. But when the operation directly between the measure of natural breast tissue, and the span of the breast implant surgery (for the most part these will be silicone), this can be an excellent approach, and now and then gives the most natural outcomes.


Smaller implants versus bigger implants

The measure of the implants additionally has any effect. What’re more, bigger implants take more time to feel natural? Excessively expensive implants may never feel as natural as we might want them to, especially on account of saline. How huge is too huge? That is an intense inquiry. In any case, when we counsel with individuals and work with sizes, we can locate a decent size that has a sufficient effect without going over the edge. There are, in any case, a few women who need to go bigger than we would suggest, and we reveal to them that the implants won’t feel (or look) as natural. However, at that point, this is the thing that a few women are going for.


Smaller breast tissue versus larger breast tissue

The measure of your natural breast tissue can likewise be a factor. With more tissue, the implants will be all the more immediately acclimatized into the look and the vibe of the breast. Bosoms will feel more natural, sooner, going from a full b cup to a little. This again needs to do with the measure of tissue covering the implant. As we tell women, if you have no breast tissue by any stretch of the imagination, it will be difficult to make the Breast Augmentation not look and feel to some degree like an implant. In any case, this is superior to being small to the point that attire and swimming outfit tops won’t fit.

Every one of these things has any effect, and this is the reason it is troublesome for anybody to give you a flat out of when things will feel typical, or feel like a natural piece of your body. The other thing that nobody can control is the manner by which your body influences scar to tissue, and how it makes the capsule around the implants. On the off chance that your body makes thicker scars and a thicker capsule, it will take longer. Be that as it may, if you somehow managed to bind us on to what extent this entire process takes, we would give you are the scope of somewhere in the range of two to nine months until the point that your breasts feel ordinary.


How might you influence this entire process?

Expertly massaging your implants will help with the development of a capsule which is delicate and permits typical development and a natural vibe to your implants. If the implants are underneath the chest muscles, this will enable the muscles to unwind and extend. Thus, indeed working with kneading, particularly at an opportune time when it might be awkward is essential. Consider it brief timeframe uneasiness for a long haul pickup at The Mine Clinic.