Why Go For Stem Cell Fat Graft


Importance of stem cell fat graft

Aging is a continuous process. It can’t be changed in any way. But the signs of aging can be reduced up to a certain extent. It can be done with stem cell fat graft.


What is stem cell fat graft?

Stem cells are integral part of human body. Known for its regenerative properties, stem cell can be used to regenerate healthy and youthful skin. Stem cell can be used along side with own body fat for fat grafting which is a well known anti aging treatment. Because with age peoples skin loses its volume and looks dull. Stem cell Fat graft can make skin look younger again as stem cell boosts collagen which is responsible for making your skin look younger and glowing.


Stem cell collection:

Stem cell can be collected from a variety of sources such as from blood or from bone marrow. For anti aging solutions doctors usually take stem cell from blood. At first doctors take fat from body by liposuction and purify the fat Using lipo kit. After pure fat is extracted doctors extract stem cell from blood using a machine and mix it with pure fat and using an injection injects the fat on areas of your face where the skin is droopy or lost volume.


Stem Cell collection process


How stem cell fat graft works in your body:

Once injected stem cell starts rebuilding the cologne and the fat helps the skin get back its lost volume to ensure perfect result of the treatment.



Problem Areas :

Areas Covered :

There are many areas where fat graft works like magic. It usually covers the following areas.

  • Cheek
  • Cheekbones
  • Forehead
  • Jaw tip
  • Nosalabial fold
  • Gabriella Line
  • Smile line


For those who want breast augmentation but not breast implant stem cell fat graft can be a great option for them as well. It also gives Breasts natural firmness.

Stem cell fat graft are best non invasive anti aging solutions without a doubt.  It is a revolutionary treatment that has unique qualities that can help skin regenerate and make your skin look younger again.



Result after treatment