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Breast augmentation or lifting surgery has become quite common in the present and due to its increasing demand, new technology has been introduced to make the procedure safer and long lasting. Previously, simple silicone implants were used for breast lifting surgery but with the advancement in technology, Motiva breast implants are taking over with success, making each surgery risk-free with long lasting results.


Motiva Breast Surgery clinics


  • Benefits of Motiva Breast surgery

The latest technique of breast augmentation uses Motiva breast implants which use silicones gel for long lasting elasticity and durability. Even better is that, when using this during the surgery helps the surgeons in making smaller incisions to fit in the pads, leading to less scarring and longer, durable results. Using the intermolecular bonding integration, these implants are created to maintain the natural shape and texture of the breasts with ensured softness.

What makes it even a better choice is the Motiva breast implants come with UDI that aids the surgeons in keeping an eye on the patients and their current statuses that increases reliability and durability of this product.

  • Procedure and implantation technique

Motiva breast surgery is no different than the normal breast augmentation. The only difference is that because of these latest implants, the incisions made at the surgical site are smaller as compared to the average surgeries, which reduces the chances of scarring with better results. The Mine Clinic is one of the best places to opt for breast augmentation as they now use these newest implants for long lasting results.

The cosmetic surgeons here are highly skilled and expert and only after complete evaluations do they start with the work. The patient is sedated and then multiple, small incisions are made to get excess to the tissues lying under the skin. Through these marks, the Motiva breast implants are fitted into the place and the patient is stitched up and sent for recovery.

The technique used in creating this newest implant is what makes it amazing. If you have recently gone through Motiva breast surgery then you’ll observe a huge difference in the results. This method gives your breasts a more realistic look so no one can actually find out if you have undergone the knife to enhance your cup size. These implants are soft so anywhere in the future, you won’t feel uncomfortable because of these silicone pads and the long lasting durability makes them highly reliable.


  • High reliability and brilliant results

Going under the knife is no joke and so one would want to gain amazing results in the first try. The Mine Clinic makes sure that every step is done with perfection so that you can enjoy your new body without having to worry about the results vanishing in just a short time. Motiva breast surgery has promising results and so that is why more and more ladies and surgeon are opting for this technique. At The Mine Clinic, this procedure is done in a budget that suits your wallet without compromising on the results.