The Secret behind the continuing Growth of Mine Plastic Surgery is the Perfection in Results, in Safety & Beautiful Surgery overall!




Recently, interest in cosmetic surgery has increased among many people including the celebrities. In fact, the search for truly good plastic surgeons is rising day by day regardless of gender.
In the result of that, plastic surgery clinic also promote many advertisement in the period of summer vacation or holiday. However in proportional to this, there are many cases of bad side effects after surgery.

Especially, some un-conscientious plastic surgery clinics have surgeries by so-called shadow doctors which cause surgical accidents very often, so now the Ministry of Health and Welfare has revised the Medical Law Amendment with legislation to use a real name in the operation room in case of every surgery.


Mine Plastic Surgery has been catching much positive attentions and appreciations and has now grown to be a safe and reliable place for people looking to have beautification.


They have perfect system and specialized skills for the whole stream of facial plastic surgery and body contouring. In addition, they got highly qualified medical staff as they provide meticulous training to maintain comprehensive hygiene for the patient and university hospital level for emergencies. It has received high praise for building a very systematic safety system.


From the beginning they never had to be like those shadow doctors, and each of the doctors is responsible in their specialized and specific area for each patient. They have been running campaigns called “Believe in Safety” to portray their conscience and the top notch levels of aesthetic techniques.


In 2014, they extended the clinic for other beauty spheres such as anesthetic treatments for molding skin, treating obesity issues and cosmetics and established 'Mine Medical Group Network' to provide total package of top-to-toe beauty solutions literally. They are growing rapidly as a complete and significant beauty clinic including skin treatments and stem cell laboratory and research center and spurring the market worldwide.


This Mine medical group network potentially provides systematic surgery, optimum and exquisite after-care service and possible efficient time distribution. Many doctors from abroad visit Mine Plastic Surgery every now and then to learn their system and techniques.


Dr. Sung Wook, Director of the Korean Society of Plastic Surgery and CEO of MINE said “We are running specialized observation room and system for the Doctors abroad especially for the Chinese ones. We are planning to keep up extension of our advanced programs for further development and more growth as a largely crucial medical group”.


He additionally suggested, “If you are looking to opt for plastic surgery, you must consider a reliable surgeon and a proper clinic which has perfectly full and up-to-date system for performing plastic surgery methods. You must be careful from the very beginning.”