Post Surgery Care


You may leave Korea as soon as the Surgeons advice you, even if you leave Korea, our team is there to take post surgery care of you.. If you need any assistance after the operation such as contact the hospital for contacting the doctor or any kind of support related to the our post surgery care  team are dedicated to assist you 24/7.


Normally people outside Korea are worried of taking the surgery or treatment as their concern is about post surgery care, but with Mine Plastic Surgery we can give you peace of mind as we are there to help you for any kind of support. If any sort of difficult situation arises due to the surgery or the treatment, there are our trained professionals present in all the cities to serve the patient a cheerful and relax life. In Mine Plastic surgery clinic, it is our guideline for the caregivers for always being discreet and ensures privacy with equal focused on safety and well being of patient along with post surgery care.