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Post Surgery Care

You may leave Korea as soon as the Surgeons advice you, even if you leave Korea, our team is there to take post surgery care of you.. If you need any assistance after the operation such as contact the hospital for contacting the doctor or any kind of support related to the our post surgery […]
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Medical Visa Service

MINE Plastic Surgery Clinic guides and assists their patient to get the medical visa service. We usually help to prepare our clients all the necessary documents for visa process and also provide proper guide prior to departure. South Korea is the most famous medical tourism destination in the world thus we have deep knowledge and strong […]
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Interpreter Service

There are a large number of patients who does not Speak English and for them we have interpreters service which is specially trained for assisting the patients throughout the trip. It is very important to communicate with the Doctors or Specialist while having a treatment and because of language barriers many people are worried of […]
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Free Consultancy

MINE Plastic Surgery Clinic is very expert in dealing with patient and know requirement regarding the surgery or treatment. To ease the process and treatment procedure, we offer free consultancy services to ensure you head to the actual direction of treatment or surgery. Our free consultancy services give any real-time queries and information you need to […]
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Airport Pickup

When you book airport pickup service through us and based on confirmation, our vehicle and person will pick you up from Airport. We also provide vehicle as per your request like vans, minibus, caravan or etc. We make your travel and medical tourism stress free with our more comprehensive and unique service likes airport pickup […]
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Hotel Reservation

Our dedicated and expert teams of hotel reservation service are ready to book hotel or suites according to your choice.  In accordance with your length of staying in Korea, we will help you to book inn. We are ready to propose you the best, in light of your taste and capability. Our friendly and generous […]
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